Monday, December 15, 2014

Written October 27, 2014


Happy Monday! I had to go to Tijuana today for my companion's visa, so we are waiting in the bus station for our bus still. What a wasted P Day. I decided to pay double the internet rate to write to you guys here, so that I didn't miss the opportunity. But it doesn't help that we got lost in Tijauana trying to save money (but it was okay, because although we wasted a bunch of time, we accidentally found the Temple).

Lindsay, Happy Birthday tomorrow!

Josh, I also try not to reteach unless I think something important got left out (most things go over the investigators heads anyways). I told my companion that the advice i give him is just my opinion so to apply what is useful but now he just tells me stuff is just my opinion when I try to critique his teaching. At least I am going to try to be more positive, because I realized that I wasn't giving enough positive feedback, even though he teaches really well. 

I mean did you teach cutting each of the 8 principles in half or three parts? because that seems kind of hard. i will try to do those things. I usually do, but people don't always make good friends and after they get baptized they forget that they visited them once. Also, the member thing about baptisms I sometimes forget for being selfish.  

Life is really hard. I don't know how I am ever going to make it back to the celestial kingdom (someone said in church we have to work in all aspects of the church to get back, like temple work and missionary work and home teaching and our other calling and cleaning) and besides that there will be my family and school/work and so a lot of days, I just don't feel like I can do it, but I guess we just need to "do your best and forget the rest, like you said.

Ben, if you want send me pictures of your shirts in the email.

Don't worry about AP Bio because if you're the magikarp of the class, then you will be able to evolve into a Gyarados with a lot of annoying work and trading in and out and effort. (Maybe knowing about that evolution will help in your class). 

Ben, I command you to go and sing to Maxine, because soon she will be fallecida and you might regret it. But like Thomas Monson said, you will never regret a good deed done (or maybe that was someone else, but it happened in a conference).

Dad, maybe you should hint that they release you, haha. Thanks for keeping me informed about Aaron. I feel like sometimes I am a bad brother to him, but i don't know. I do want to hear about him. What do you think? I hope that my personality can help people, but everyone just always thinks that I am angry or depressed (it turns out that no one can distinguish, because sometimes I am and I am the same, I guess). and I think that reserved natures aren't really appreciated in modern culture. Love you!

Mom, they celebrate Halloween here (because of cultural leaking) but also Day of the Dead (but more in the South and Halloween more here). I wish I could be home for Thanksigiving, but next time. I already told Ben I want him to sing to Maxine (in fact, it is my birthday wish from him). 
This week:

I received a letter from Joseph (like i do about every other week or so). I will copy and paste it, (so that you guys can enjoy it, hopefully it is alright with him):

"Well if it makes you feel better our teaching pool has three people in it and only one is progressing.So there is a sister in our district whose twin sister I took out on a date before the mission. So that means I have dated her since twins are the same exact person. Lets hope she doesn't try anything fishy. You try and go on a mission to get away from that stuff and you keep running into people you have dated. Feeling pretty cool." - Joseph

When I get back, I am going to make you guys such good lentil soup. I have improved my recipe a ton. Also, I found out that they sell whole wheat flour in the market and I bought some and made such good whole wheat tortillas, they just turned out pretty small. 

I liked the granola bars you sent me, but I don't care about if stuff is organic, so you can send me Quaker or no name granola bars in the future if you want (or not, since they also exist here). 

Mom, The shoes seem identical to me, except that they are still clean. I received your other package today, but I haven't opened it. Thanks, Mom! love you! On the other hand, I sitll haven't received josh's letter and I am really afraid it got lost. It doesn't help that Hna Woodward receives letters every week from Japan from her friend there (you think a letter would be easy to get).

Mary got baptized this week and she was really excited. She told us that in her work, a lot of the time it was like a boyfriend, because she was thinking about church and when she could go again instead of her job. A lot of the sisters were talking to her, which is really good and our other investigator, Araceli, really liked it and it turns out that she knows Hna Alejandra, which is really good. 

This week turned out a lot better than last week, but I still feel depressed sometimes. life is pretty hard (and the hard stuff in mine hasn't even begun).

i started thinking of more things I can do, so when I can't think of anything to do here and we still have time, I start picking up trash in the street. Our street is a lot cleaner now. I feel good when I do it and it is good because i think that sometimes i only did good deeds to contact people and that is messed up. I like it (but maybe it bugs my companion, who knows?). 

Somteims I can't distinguish between paranoia (OCD) and the Spirit either. (Example: Is the gas valve in the stove open?...Did I close all of the faucets?)

Sometimes it is really hard to get along with someone who is a lot like you. Why is that? Is it to make you hate yourself or realize that you stink a lot sometimes? Or realize how difficult it is to be like the people you admire? (Speaking of which, why is it so hard to take criticism and why doesn't anyone ever take my advice (aka criticism). 

I love you guys a lot and am thinking of you (but I am not getting trunky I am just thinking that I already have a year almost and along those lines). I can't wait to make you all of the foods that I have learned here, before I enter what is essentially commercial slavery with a high quality of life for the rest of my life and don't have time to do things that I enjoy (school/work). (I will just have to choose to be happy).

Love you and t hugs and love and stay in the boat/hold onto the rod, it gets better and better, just keep swimming, eternal family, the atonement and love you guys (my eternal family)

Love you,

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