Monday, December 15, 2014

Written September 22, 2014


I don´t eat any fish here really. I think I would have to go to Guerrero Negro for that. Oh well.

I found a really cool spider in our house, but once again, I don´t have manual focus, so I don´t have that good of pictures. And the internet is bad, so you will probably see a picture in a couple weeks, but I think had I let it bite me, I might have gotten superpowers.Speaking of which, you probably will get the first picture of Ensenada this week.

This week was Day of Mexico or something and we ate posole at a ward party and out of tune sang without any background music. Pictures to come.
Is (or Are, what is the gramatically correct way, because majority, the singular, is the subject of this question) the majority of people introverts or extroverts? Is being an extrovert a bad thing?

My companion said they were trying to do a proof and they found out that 1+1 isn´t 2, but there is actually another number that still doesn´t have a name yet or something or other and for convenience they now put 2, but it only applies in the case of 1+1, but I am skeptical. But it is interesting, because I like math. 

Dad, you can paint your car here with a member of our ward that is cool when you come to visit me. It only costs like 700 or 800 dollars. But really that might make me come home, because I wouldn´t be able to psychologically adapt again, but who knows?

I´m absolutely sure that we would sin less if we remembered our goal of an eternal family and the Savior´s suffering everytime we were about to sin, but I just haven´t figured out how to be reminded everytime.

El Salvador: an entire country named after the Savior.

They said in our ward that a fast offering should hurt and that it should be something that we wouldn´t be offended to receive if we asked for help and they just gave us back what we had offered the entire year, but I don´t know. I just always figured that a generous offering was that you multiplied the cost by 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 or like you ate at a fancy restaurant where we would never go. But I don´t know. Also, that you shouldn´t binge first, so that it is actually a sacrifice. What do you think?

I had bitterness towards a brother that fixed our water heater and it didn´t work and he was always bringing it up and stuff, but then today I found out my companion just didn´t close the battery and hatch and I did it while my companion was showering and he started screaming about how it was a miracle and made me come and feel the water halfway throught his shower, so now I feel bad about those bitter feelings.
I made lentils and split pea soup today and it is really good. I was inspired by the people that don´t have any money and give us that. I also found cheap (finally) honey in the supermarket. It turns out that it is not in the bottles, but rather in the deli section. It is really good too, almost like that stuff from utah.

I love you guys and eternal family and talk to you next week and the atonement and t hugs and just keep swimming and love for josh and eternal family love you it gets better and better


We had an investigator that got baptized years ago but never confirmed that was going to get baptized this week, but she had to go to Chiapas, because her dad is 108 years old. Cool, huh? 

Also, we are teaching an older lady named Mary, that is really cool and always makes time from working in a factory to listen. Also, Pedro, who was a drug addict, but has 4 years clean. They both understand the lessons really well, which is cool. It makes teaching so much better. 

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