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Written August 4, 2014


Aunt Celia,  You are exactly right, Auntie, I have no idea why they run the mission like a salesman organization, because I think I it is messed up, especially it is weird because they don´t make you feel so bad for not having good numbers, I don´t think, in any other part of the church. They are just glad that you try. 

Aunt Trudy, I am sure they were glad to see you too. Can you sing Auntie? (Since you were in the stake choir). I am pretty jealous of that. 

Mom, I try not to judge my mission by the number of baptisms, because I don´t care that much, but when my baptisms go inactive I feel really bad and feel like I haven´t helped anyone, because only the people I have baptized have made a change in their life, but who knows, I guess. Also, your decorations are cool. I couldn´t remember who the Dolans were, but now I do. That´s really exciting for them. This August is going alright. Saturday and Sunday it was cloudly (I like that better than the word cloudy anywayss) and cool and not hot at all. A really old sister said that the Lord knows that we need a rest, sometimes.  Funny that Josh wants to go to Harvard Grad School, considering how much he hates school, but I also change my mind constantly, so I´m not one to say anything. 

My suit fits well. It is kind of tight in the butt. I think maybe I am just getting fat, which is too bad because for that reason I have always just tried to eat healthy because I decided to not care if I was gigantic or buff and just be not fat my entire life, because I think that is better than burning out. Another missionary commented that I was getting kind of a stomach, but who knows. I like the other pair of shoes (less stylish, but much much more practical), but I think maybe ones that are of regular width would be better but I don´t know if they still have a good price. 

Dad, God does grieve for us when we are sad; it says so in Preach my Gospel, which I like, because it makes me feel better (even though you think he wouldn´t, considering he knows that they aren´t of any eternal consequence, usually, our grievances). I wish they had had those seminary requirements when I went, because I wanted to do the reading, but I just didn´t see any point because our teachers just read with us the entire time and didn´t prepare a real lesson. 

Josh, i sometimes buy cookie bread things just like that, but I am always dissatisfied when I think they are cookies, because they aren´t that good. Also, your missionary with food picture turned out way better than anyone I have ever taken. I sent emails to Patrick and Joseph and Madison and Patrick is the only one that responded, so now he is my favorite missionary.

This week:

Mom, will you tell me the story of the old lady in the vinegar bottle? I already don´t remember it.

I heard in my other ward that you can do the genealogy for any relative even by a bunch of marriages (like the brother in law of the brother in law of the brother in law of my great grandpa (until infinity) as long as he doesn´t have children that are alive. Is that true? Because that gives me hope to be able to do family history.

We made tacos and I made guacamole and salsa (I promise to make you guys so much salsa when I get home)  

                                          and we also had a baptism of a little girl named Angelica.

i feel bad because we baptized that little girl without teaching all of the principles in the teaching record, which might be bad. But I think most missionaries just teach the big commandments and forget about the other ones, I try not to do that, but my convert to who I taught everything is inactive now, so who knows. I think she can keep learning because she is just a little girl, but he said it is like an ideal and that they´re always going to miss something and the most important thing is that they can pass the baptismal interview. 

I´m never going to travel for my job. I think it increases the chances of adultery (on the wife or husbands´s part or both). I am so grieved for the sins of some of the people that I love here. I know they are not lost, but it is difficult to see people in that type of situation. 

I forgot to clean my belly button for almost 9 months, but I am trying to improve now.

There is a saying here that is like saying, 'Hey, I can´t see through your head'. And 'Donkey Meat isn´t transparent' and they were asking us how you say that in English and I could only think of 'Hey Ben, Stop being a Nintendog!'

Ben, I miss you and love you and was talking about adventure time with my companion and just want to hear you sing all the adventure time songs all day on your ukulele. Also, we are going to do a piano singing duet in church when I get back maybe.


I miss being roommates with you a lot. You were never a tool like my companions sometimes and I miss you.

Happy Birthday, Aaron! Also, Happy Birthday to everyone between now and Lindsay´s birthday. (I don´t know why I can only remember the birthdays of immediate family members). 

I will tell you in September when you should send my package, because if I am in Tijuana, it will get there in like 1 week, so just wait to send it until I tell you. Also, please don´t send me anymore candy (if you want, like maximum a small ziploc bag, like a sandwich bag) because the hoarding part of my personality and the task-oriented part mix and make me need to eat it all, and not give it away or throw it away, as fast as possible to complete a task, and I don´t feel good. I liked all of the candy in the package that I just got (Thanks a lot mom for thinking of me) , but I don´t feel good afterwards, so what I would really like if you are going to send me food is dried fruit that doesn´t have added sugar. Like you could send me a bunch of freeze dried peas or mixed freezed dried fruit, but I know that that is expensive, so maybe also you could include drawings that Ben has done. The jerky and almonds and peanuts were also a good idea and you always have permission to send me puffed rice balls. I love you a lot Mom (everyone make sure that Mom doesn´t feel bad, because I did enjoy the package, but between her and the greasy mexican comfort food with the sisters that want to treat us good with pizza and soda, I am going to die). 

I love you guys all a lot and I love you and miss you and telepathic hugs and love and the atonement and eternal family and love for Josh and Ben I miss your singing and love you Aaron and Lindsay and Mom and Dad and love you and see you soon.

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