Thursday, December 11, 2014

Written September 15, 2014


Dad, yeah, I realized while reading your letter that it is ironic, because I can barely swim. Yeah, but baptisms in the different parts of the world are different. But it just means that there are a lot of people that must not baptize, because allegedly the average here is like 30 and it isn´t even a big baptizing mission for Latin America. Also, I am never going to be zone leader, which I don´t care about, I just think it is funny that you were. 

My companion and I thought the dragonfly was getting ready to die because it was really sluggish and passive. Too bad I didn´t have manual focus camera. Usually it is hot here and a little bit humid, but the areas close to the ocean are cooler. I visited one that was pretty cool, but was still kind of hot, but it was cold in the morning. I saw a cruise ship and an island in fog and stuff, so it was pretty cool. Don´t worry about sending me curry, I am too good for the brick kind now that we´ve made it from scratch and there are plenty of things here that I try to cook. love you though and thanks.

Mom, tell Ben not to be so rude because he is going to be old soon. Mrs. Trask is pretty cool, that was good of Bailey to invite her. Glad that your medical stuff is turning out okay. Is dad the next one to be released for seniority or because he isn´t preparing talks well anymore? Haha

I hate the internet here, because it starts off okay, and then it gets notably slower. Which bugs me with how many photos I can send you. I will probably catch up by the time I leave Ensenada.

This week:

I ran out of things about myself to thank God for after a couple of days. It is okay though because that is something another companion explained to me because almost everyone can think of more negative things than positive things. But I can´t think of very many of either sometimes, maybe just because a lot of people don´t know themselves really well, despite all the comparing we do to one another. 

My companion told me that in Mexico the 10 second rule is the 5 second rule so maybe it is an indication that they have better hygiene here, or maybe just that the ground is dirtier. Anyways, if it passes that time, then you say that the devil sucked (licked) it and that you don´t want it anymore. So now I just say that for people too and I also just say it for everything because I like it a lot.

We also don´t have hot water in this apartment, allegedly because there isn´t enough pressure, says the brother that allegedly fixed our boiler, but it still doesn´t work. But the bad thing is that there is a shortage of potable water and so we lose water every other day practically and can´t shower and then they turn it back on.

I don´t have that much to tell you guys besides that, and you probably won´t get anymore pictures because the internet is the devil.

Love you a lot and eternal family and just keep swimming and love for Josh and t hugs and it gets better and better and the atonement and eternal family and love you.


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