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Written September 8, 2014


I will just try to send a couple of pictures at a time and I am going to send them all because I don´t know which ones ended up working. I am still trying to be more obedient, so hopefully not going on flicker or whatever will bring me blessings. Allegedly LDSMail is gmail or at least is sponsered by it, so who knows?

Ben, don´t save me any blowpops because I hate them. I eat so much MSG here that hopefully I get super powers. 

Dad, Ensenada is like an hour south apparently of Tijuana. I don´t know if it would be good to buy a house here, but lots of people do. My companion is going home after this transfer, but I just feel stupid, because I am still really quiet and sometimes don´t even help with the lessons or talk when we visit people (it doesn´t help that it is even more difficult in another language), so sometimes I feel bad. I do talk, though, when needed, so if my next companion doesn´t talk, I will do everything. It is kind of bad, but mostly I work only with necesssity, maybe I need to realize it is a necessity to talk even if my companion talks a ton and has more experience. But maybe to a degree it is just my personality.  He is from Mexico and is pretty cool. 

The missionaries being senior companion in this mission earlier has to do with a lot of factors, the first is an increase in the number of younger missionaries due to the age change (just imagine social security and the baby boomers), and an increase in sister missionaires I think. Also, the culture is different, so there are more disobedient missionaries who get put as junior companions, even if they don´t have a lot of time left. I always learn the Mexican word or if not that, the proper common Spanish word, but I don´t think it has to do with where I am, because the people with ugly accents also hear my accent, I think it is part of being tone deaf (medium tone deaf)

Mom, I can´t see the ocean from my apartment, but I did see it and it was really pretty. I am shoved against the mountains, which is fine with me. Good to hear that everyone is doing pretty well. I figured I would get it pretty early for a birthday package. I think for my birthday I am going to buy a gallon of ice cream and frozen raspberries and strawberries for smoothies. I am pretty excited.

Auntie, thanks for sharing those stories with me, love you!

This week (and last week):

I found out that tons of the trees here are date trees, but I can´t really find dates because they are super tall and I don´t have a ladder, but I did eat a twig of them with my old companion. 

I think that I have a different life goals or desires than a lot of people. I just feel like I want something more like from Up or something like that. 

I don´t feel bad about not baptizing much because my old companion told me they baptized people with just the first three lessons and the commandments in the baptismal interview and that leaves out like 20 principles (including commandments and stuff). So I would rather baptize less and do everything right than that, even if they all go inactive anyways.

Also, my other companion knew all about mission politics and different stuff and I don´t care about being a leader anymore. Also, besides that, it doesn´t mean that they are better than me, it just means that they might be better leaders or more outgoing or something, but not necessarily more righteous (my old companions dad taught me that with something he wrote his son).  

I am happy because even though my sector is small and I will have a hard time, I learned it pretty fast and it reminds me loads of Colorado. I don´t know if I will be able to send the photos this week, but you will see when I have a chance to send them. 

I was inspired in church this week to think of Finding Nemo and the forgetful fish that just says ´Just keep swimming´ so now I say that too.

A bunch of little kids, without prompting, bore their testimony that they knew the canonized books were true, using those words, which always makes me laugh.

I tried to make re-fried beans, but they didn´t really work out, because I used too much salt. I am going to try again in the future with the results to report.

I bought some pomegranates and was eating them with my missionary clothes, which is just the same as in the movie when Clint Eastwood asks the guys if he is 'feeling lucky'.

Picture descriptions: first attempt at tortillas, the most harsh pamphlet I have seen. I misread a mural for so much time and thought that it said ´Telling someone they are stupid doesn´t make them smarter´ and then I grew to love it, until I realized it said ´Telling someone they are stupid doesn´t make you smarter´. And people from my old ward.

Love you guys and eternal family and the atonement and don´t give me diarrhea and love for Josh and it gets better and  better and T hugs and just keep swimming love you eternal family.


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