Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Written September 1, 2014

I am so angry, because I am almost out of time and I have been fighting to send you guys photos and there were like 30 and I don´t want to lose them.

I am in Ensenada if I don´t get around to writing more, love you

I will try to send all of the pictures again next week because like half of them didn´t even attach and reply to your stuff and say my stuff.
You can send the package now if you want, I will probably get it early.
I also can´t go back to look at the rabies dog, but it didn´t seem rabid at all, just a jerk, because it wasn´t afraid about the kid filling up water and just bites people and is just territorial I think.
I love you guys and sorry my letter is so lame, you didn´t even get half of the pictures because this internet in Ensenada stinks.
They made me senior companion, so probably they are going to close Ensenada next transfer for lack of baptisms.
I do want the hard copy of the vinegar bottle story, because I don´t even have time to read it, argh.
Love you guys a lot and blessings for obedience I hope and love you guys and it gets better and better and the atonement and t hugs and love for josh (i have never been able to guess the grable theme) and eternal family and everything

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