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Written August 25, 2014

                                                                     Cactus Pear


Lindsay, Dad says three people that haven´t gotten the injections ever have survived, so yeah, something like that, haha.

Dad, my mission presidente changed a while ago. I think he is cool, I am pretty sure I told you guys, it was like 2 months ago. Probably you talked to elder Hesterman who was with me in the mtc, he is the best. She (Pres. wife) seemed really worried, but also like she was scolding me, which made me feel bad. I think the second half will go faster, but I am afraid that if i expect it to, then it won´t happen. Also, I hope I don´t get baby crazy when I get home, like a girl, because mostly it just seems really hard to have a family.

Ben, I skipped straight from earth science to ap bio and I didn´t do that, so don´t generalize. I also believe significantly in variable phobia, good job.

Josh, that thing about final fantasy is the only thing that I wanted to hear. Also, how did that final fantasy rip off game turn out (the one where you were surprised they didn´t get sued? Don´t worry about not getting married, but don´t let your youth expire and remember that it is a commandment to do it someday. Plus, you always fast to get skinny, so that is practically like fasting to find a wife.

Mom, I am really glad that you try to be friendly to new people. It made me so happy to read that! Love you lots and thanks for everything.

This week:

We went back to the dog bite scene of the crime to try and find it and it is just a piece of crap, tool dog and tried to bite us again. But it turns out it is fine, because already 10 or more days had passed and it wasn´t afraid of water or dead or anything, so don´t worry. Now I know that hand sanitizer doesn´t kill rabies and breaking the skin can give it to you. Thanks for worrying about me Dad, and I will try to be more careful. Also, I know to just kick dogs in the face now if I am riding my bike, even though I usually end up crashing when i try. Love you!

It reminded me of that children´s book from when I was little. I think it was about courage, where the kid gets bit by the dog and has to get a shot and the little soldiers go into his bloodstream and kill the rabies. That is almost what happened to me.

It rained a ton here for like 40 minutes and the streets flooded because there isn´t the infrastructure for that and we got soaked and hailed on and had to go home and I wish I had had my camera because the palm trees were all bent over like it was a hurricane, oh well.

i ate a bunch of starbursts and my tongue was really sore.

i did exchanges with a missionary and we were teaching in a park and we raised our heads from the prayer and suddenly 3 women surrounded our park bench and were greeting us with the saying ´light of truth´ or something and saying they could heal us free and stuff and then we ended up saying a holding hand prayer, which was weird in the end when they started reciting the lord´s prayer in unison. Then we saw them in the park in a circle holding their hands up trying to heal someone. Also, they held their hands in weird symbols while they were talking to us. It is just funny, so I also included their flyer, so that you guys can laugh some.

That sunscreen that you sent me is really great. It dries like a powdery thing and doesn´t feel greasy at all, just really smooth.

I have been trying to be more obedient and so Sunday we didn´t go in to eat at a sisters house without men present and were sitting out in the shade waiting for her to finish cooking (completely content) but she came out and was acting all hysterical and desperate and made us take money and I tried to explain that we eat outside all the time and that usually the sisters don´t have the food ready anyways, but she said she was really embarrassed and her mom would be worse if she woke up. but we just didn´t know what to do and she seemed really freaked out, so we took the money, even though we would have preferred to eat there and wait and had to break the Sabbath day, because we didn´t really have food in our house and were far away.

Anyways, we were in the restaurant and we get a call and I don´t know what she said (except that the food was already prepared (not) and that she felt really bad) but it turns out that she called the zone leaders and the bishop, so she must have gotten offended (I try to be courteous, but maybe I am a jerk, I did accidentally tell her to not send her daughter out and punish her, even though I wasn´t uncomfortable at all).

She probably heard something more like ´We can´t eat in here because there isn´t a man present and we have a rule (that we don´t eat with women who [insert her particular insecurity about not being married here]).

Anyways, instead of standing up for us, the zone leaders said we should have been disobedient and entered and then called us and freaked out and asked why we didn´t use our brain and that it was between breaking a rule and the Sabbath day, which is a commandment (but really, I didn´t foresee any of that happening when I told her the rule, I just thought we would eat outside). Anyways, they said we could enter if she had her kids, which is not true, and were just being complete jerks, instead of telling her like ´Óh, yeah, actually sister, that is a rule. It isn´t just you. They shouldn´t have entered´.  And then were making jokes about how that´s why none of our investigatores go to church, because we don´t understand the Sabbath day.

It is just frustrating sometimes that the more successful missionaries are a little less obedient and that even leaders sometimes don't understand. I commented about it to the mission president and so he probably just thinks I am a whiner, but oh well. Ni modo, when other missionaires are complete tools.

Someone gave us a bag of dates from a tree at their work and they were really good, even though I did´t like them when I was 8 and tried them.

Has anyone is our family ever overcome their negativity and under-appreciation of their talents?

Not hating our spiritual brothers and sisters would be easy, if they did´t make it so hard.

I love you guys and eternal family and i am happy today, so don´t worry. And t hugs and love for josh and the atonement and it gets better and better and love you and you guys are the best eternal family, love,


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