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Written October 6, 2014


I am not going to send you any pictures this week because we tried a different internet and it is worse, so "oh well". Which is too bad, because I have had some pictures of the ocean that I have been wanting to send you forever. Also, it turns out you can see the ocean from my sector, except I thought it was the sky, because it is really far away and you have to be on the top of the hill. 

Mom, the coin is smaller than a quarter. Probably there is a comparison online. They threatened to cut our cash if we don´t send the baptismal cedulas on time, which is hard sometimes. But also, if we are in a zone where 4 missionaries don´t send the forms, then they cut it too. It kind of stinks, but oh well. It probably won´t happen. I imagine that it would be a mess to organize. 

I can´t believe that I have 11 months. I was only expecting one pair of shoes, because only one of mine are ruined, but I will carry them around until I need them. If they were actually only 50 dollars, i am pleased, because they seem like really good quality, thank you for trying so hard to find them. Love you a lot!

Josh, yeah, everyone just makes you guilty for thinking about home and say that we should leave the world behind and in what ways haven´t we and stuff like that. Also good to know that ´´"Good Missionary" is a quote, you know who said it? Satan. I promise you that.´´

Did you at least get to listen in Portuguese for that talk? If it makes you feel better, the mission handicapped my good math ability and I also am not going to know what the heck is going on when I get back. Don´t worry about girls being smarter than you, because you are just genetically engineering your kids, plus more successful marriages have smarter women allegedly anyways. Also, don´t worry about going out with older women because it means you will probably die closer to the same age, its actually a good thing. 

I don´t even know what electrical engineering is, I just want to make magnetic grills and stuff, like your professor and robots that cook bacon for me and poop out ice cream. But really I don´t know that much about either major. I am waiting for you letter. Love you and hang in there (and don´t act like it is so bad, because I will get depressed if there is no relief after working hard at school for 2 years).

Aunt Celia, I don´t know what kind of spider it is (in that I can´t use google). Put that ipad to use and tell me when you find out. Hope that everything is good with you guys in my second home, Love you 

Dad, I also had trouble listening, but it is a lot easier when they are actually speaking in Spanish, instead of a weird voice over. Did they have an English voice over or subtitles outside of the conference center? I also really need to reread them, but I probably won´t get the talks for at least 2 months. I am trying to be offended less, but that would irritate me if they decided not to pick me after calling like that, oh well. I need to watch the talks again, because I don´t really remember that about the leaders (well a little bit but only vaguely). 

Lindsay, I don´t remember either of those talks... but now I am looking forward to reading them when they come out in magazine form. I think that I would capture the talks better if they simultaneously had subtitles so that I could focus more, I am just not a good visual learner. Also, one talk made me think of you guys, but really just Josh, because they were grilling single adults about not getting married, but I think everything has a balance, because you also want to search (even if it is a priority to begin your family) because you have to be with that person forever. 

This week:

It turns out being happier is all about turning outwards, worrying about others , not yourself. That scripture finally makes sense about losing your life and then finding it (like if you want to be a good parent, you have to worry about your kid´s needs and not if youré a good parent, it is kind of backwards). I still have along way to go there.

Those who have ears, let them hear. Those who have eyes let them see (josh, ben, whoever else): Aprendan español para que podamos hablar cuando yo regrese.

The Liahona says the average age to begin a porn addiction for both sexes is 11, which is really scary. In the same article, it also says ´´Adolescentes that joke about suicide manifest depression´´ so not even my jokes are okay. There is also an article about  charity which i really like in the youth part and about being popular.

I bought white shirts at walmart and used 50 dollars from the card (4 shirts). Hopefully I won´t have to buy anymore in my mission. I am kind of irritated with them, because they didn´t have the same brand I wanted and they wrinkle really bad, but oh well. They seem alright.

Thanks for the package. I especially liked the story and all of Bens drawings (sorry dad that they used a ton of ink, I can imagine that you might have been upset by that). I have a picture of that I hung them all on my wall that you will get in 6 months probably. haha. 

Sorry everything healthy costs so much more. I don´t know why it is so hard to find unsweetened dried fruit and that you have to buy non GMO and organic and vegan stuff to eat less crap. I really liked the mango though especially. Don´t worry too much about sending me other stuff (like the expensive cookies and stuff like that) because I usually just buy wheat bread and honey and that is about the same for me. Thanks though, because those sesame cookies are good. (I realized coconut is horribly unhealthy pure fat, so don´t worry about sending me any again, I ate half the bag and then didn´t want anymore, so I am going to wait a couple of weeks but then after finishing the bag, never again, ahah). 

Good thing God starts preparing answers to things before we ask for them. They prepared a talk about the question I had a day before with 4 months of anticipation and that was is God is pleased with me or how can I know? (among others). 

After I was really depressed a week or two ago, I had my 'bipolar' upswing and felt way better and full of hope and faith and so I contacted someone and they are really excited (which maybe is evidence of what a lot of faith does) and have tons of questions. Her name is Araceli and she loves everything we teach her. She works at a stand on the road selling internet and tv subscriptions and we are also teaching her husband, Juan who sometimes is really angry, but sometimes really cool. They came to general conference and she really liked it. 

They found the membership record for one of our investigatores and she was confirmed, so that is good.

Are you guys doing your family home evening?

I sprouted a mango seed, which fulfills a childhood dream that I had, once. I know it will be sterile and that I will get transferred soon if the cold doesn´t kill it, but it is still cool. (picture to come).

My companion said in a lesson that he was more sure the Book of Mormon is true than that the sun shines, I will never reach that surety, but I don´t care. I just testify to what I actually think, like Mom told me.

Love you guys eternal family the atonement and just keep swimming love for josh and t hugs and eternal family and it gets better and better and love you guys (I almost forgot to write all that stuff, crazy, huh?)


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