Thursday, January 1, 2015

Written November 3, 2014

We actually have more people in our teaching pool, but sometimes I don´t even count them because they don´t receive us. I was annoyed once when my trainer wanted to return a lost dog and it took a long time, but if we  don´t have anything better to do, I decided it is a good thing. I always re-read the conference talks as soon as they give us our Liahona because it is really good to be reminded. And about the time I finish, I only have to wait like 3 months til the next conference.

I am going to make so many kinds of salsa when I get home, so we can have a taste competition or something.
This week:

I opened my package for my birthday when I got it and decided to open the card accidentally on Lindsay´s birthday (which seems messed up to me). and everything else on Nov. 1 or Halloween or something (because I am that kid that can´t wait and eats the one marshmallow). I really really like the mango and also the pineapple because they don´t have added sugar. Also, thanks a ton for the peach rings and the puffed rice balls and the cookies (I love everything). I was afraid I wouldn´t like the pumpkin seeds because I decided I don´t like them the other time you sent them to me, but it turns out that it is just the un-shelled kind that I don´t like and these ones are pretty good. Also thanks everyone for the card! Love you lots, Mom! Thanks for thinking of me (who knows what I did to have such a good mom). Yeah, thanks for training me early in life to celebrate my birthday different (hah). The only problem is you taught me to always do it early (so that I could sneak into summer camps), so I am already eating everything from the package.

I realized that it isn´t that I don´t want candy, (like hi chews and caramels and hot tamales and things like that) I just only want small bags of it balanced with other healthy stuff like a little bit of nuts and dried fruits and peas, because that way it isn´t overwhelming and I don´t feel sick afterwards. Because I really liked the peach rings.

Also, why does it feel so messed up to open my presents on a day that isn´t my birthday? (like when I pestered mom so much that she let me open presents like a week before Christmas...what a crappy little snot). 

Hey, it´s probably just a repeat, but Nills Jonsson and his wife, Catharina Johands need endowment and initiatory. So somebody, do it! (if it helps to find them, they are on moms side. Did you know that allegedly, we are related to King Arthur? All the work is done for Uncle Jesse, right?
I have the worst habit of smelling my shoe to see if it is dog poop or mud on is always poop.

Turns out nothing happened this week. I am going to try to make whole wheat bread today and all the faucets in our house a drippy and it costs a ton, so I am trying to catch the water and use it for other purposes, instead of water from the tap, because plumbers are the devil.

I love you guys a lot and I can´t htink of anything more to tell you except that my lentil soup this week was a downgrade of my previous recipe. 

Also, happy birthday this month, Mackenzie! You look cute in your strawberry costume. You too, Ben, in your trash can.

There is a tradition of burning a tie at 6 months, a shirt at a year and a pants at 18 months and a suit at two years, but I don´t believe in that stuff. I am going to celebrate my birthday by buying a gallon of ice cream (I hope I have the funds) and if I am feeling really rich, then also fruit and milk (but I have to decide, because if I don´t have money for fruit, then I want to buy a flavored ice cream, what a dilema!).

Well, Mackenzie better say hi to me then when I skype (even though she never does it when you want her to)

Love you guys and eternal family and just keep swimming and stay in the boat and t hugs and love for josh and the atonement and it gets better and better and love you guys,

Can't rotate this one, sorry. Kaden with Ben's pictures.

Just Aim your head sideways to view this one!

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