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Written November 17, 2014


Yeah, I don´t know about your internships and stuff. . They talked a lot about reverence with ipads  here and now I am brainwashed to never play games on the ipad in church because I would feel really guilty, but writing missionaries is okay.  love ya

Auntie Trudy,
I´m glad that you were able to help someone on your visiting teaching route. Those things make a huge difference, I think. And it is okay to be proud of other people (like Aunt Celia) and even yourself, but there is a difference from being proud and prideful, I think. (see ser vs estar). Yeah, family thanksgivings are great. That´s why it is one of my favorite holidays. Love you!

Grandma, I also always had a problem with touching your dolls, haha. Thanks for the birthday wishes, love you guys!

Dad, Colorado is so cold, I don´t know how I am going to live there. Or be a functional adult, because driving in the snow makes me afraid. Yeah, there are whatever chain restaurant you want here, but the other food is better, I think, and cheaper. Yeah, it is a lot of pressure to have a 4.0 from the time you are 1, poor little baby. Also, If they had asked me that question about my testimony, I would have started to question it and thought it wasn´t very strong. I don´t know why I am not confident like that. I haven´t gotten a flu shot because the mission gave flu shots in february or something and I already had mine and so they are going to reimmunize everyone in february which is not fair, because I did right and got all of my immunizations on time before I came out. 

Lindsay, Thank! Love you!

This week: 

I just wanted to clarify that I just want a bottle or two of one a day generic multivitamins, not millions of types of different vitamins. and that it isn´t incredibly urgent that you send the package because you have the rest of november and all of december for it to arrive and for them to pick it up.

Something that I was actually thinking is that you could send me stories like you did, Mom, with the vinegar bottle, but they could be stories from your life like when you were a kid or stories that your grandma told you that are from our ancestors and things like that. And you could upload them also to FamilySearch, like the vinegar bottle story so that people can see that grandma always told you that. Also, Ben can send me drawings and st uff.

If I don´t receive josh´s letter tomorrow in the Zone Conference, I am going to believe that it won´t ever come. Last week a sister missionary received more letters from Japan, like always.

Ben, I also had/having diarrhea. I think that it is kuvad. (I didn´t even eat anything suspicious really. Yeah, I made a soup from chicken feet and vegetables, but I boiled it for like an hour. 

Lindsay,  Mackenzie can probably learn Spanish too. You can make her watch cartoons in Spanish because the world is becoming so competitive that ¨my baby can read´ is obsolete and now it is ´my baby can speak seven world languages and file my taxes´.

I don´t know about being able to live a celestial law, but maybe I don´t have to be able to live any celestial law in this life (except maybe the law of chastity), but everyone acts like if we can´t live it in this life, we won´t be able to enter a celestial glory. Because like it says, if we can´t live a celestial law, we´ll never be able to support a celestial glory.

Will freeze-dried seeds sprout?

I bought some persimmons #Jang-Geum #KitchenLadies #Mom #Koreans.
Basically, they are just increadibly brusied tomatoes that you would never buy, but they taste different. It turns out that incredibly bruised ones are the good  ones, but they are really sweet (if they are fully ripe, I don´t like them). I ate one that wasn´t ripe and the ripe part was good but the other part was like a banana peel except a million times worse in that it has that stuff that sticks all over your mouth and makes it hard to move it and stuff like that. I don´t know if you know what I am talking about.

There´s a really annoying guy in our ward that is always speaking nonsense and saying that I´m rich and giving weird advice but I realized that he has the same cane (and stature) as Yoda, so now he just makes me laugh, because he is Yoda.

I don´t know if i told you guys that you can do the temple work for the descendants of any of our ancestors that have their information beyond the last 100 years, which is cool, because we have so much genealogy done, that they must have a ton of descendants. Surely, we will be able to find some names like that, right? Even if they are of really distant cousins.

Mom, I told you that thing about stories, because I was reading about the vinegar bottle and I realized that you have that talent of story telling. I will never be able to tell my kids about my childhood or that story right. Which is a shame. So thanks for always telling us all those cool stories.

This week was pretty bad, but they say afflictions purify us, so hopefully I am becoming more like Christ.  It doesn´t really feel like it, but I will keep trying.

Pres. Jibson wrote me a letter this week. I have no idea how bishops and stake presidents have time for anything, poor guys. I don´t feel like I will be able to have a calling and a family and do my home teaching and all of that stuff like that, who knows?

I am going to celebrate thanksgiving today, lets see how it turns out.

Love you guys!

Love you, eternal family, stay in the boat, it gets better and better, hold to the rod, just keep swimming, the atonement, eternal family, t hugs, love you guys, Kaden

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