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Written November 24, 2014


Mom, I didn´t have the money to buy my ice cream today, like I wanted, but I was going to buy strawberry (hoping that the natural flavor of strawberry bits turned out good). They have the usual flavors and cookies and cream is really common and also pistachio.

Josh, people here have cars, so it isn´t that big of a deal. But I still try not to show them pictures of our house or anything, because they would die.  

(I was gonna say this anyways, but now it is relevant). Bowser/Ganondorf 1 life Final Destination (anytime any place still applies, right?)

Mikey, your baby just has a ton of bling and stuff. Some people I have met shake hands so weird, haha. Love you too!

Auntie Trudy, Yeah, the plan of salvation is really comforting. Love you lots!

The group hug picture is weird, but I also understand you´re trying not to drop the baby. 

Yeah, it turns out that lacking confidence holds us back a lot. I think for that reason sometimes everyone thinks I am a crappy missionary (or maybe it actually makes me worse). Maybe the days until I am home will be shorter than he thinks. Just kidding, but more on that to come. No one cares about duplicating work. That is the devil trying to keep you from doing genealogy. Just do it. 
Dad looks just like grandpa Crapo, says the mission president´s wife
Mom, I am all nervous about sending vitamins and food now because they said they can put the mission president in prison. If you could, see what the actual policy is so that they don´t cross with anything illicit. If medicine is illegal, it makes me kind of angry that they endangered me by telling me to bring a first aid kit and all those medicines when I came here. But, then again, I am not very sure. Because I thought that lots of people crossed the border to go grocery shopping and never thought it was that strict. Also, I crossed with nuts and stuff, I think that was bad, but oh well. Squirrels are so annoying and renters and your tree looks good and sometimes I forget to pray for you guys, so I am sorry. Love you!

This week:

Thanksgiving results: mashed potatoes and gravy, like you´d expect. Vegetables, good, except they ran out of fresh green beans and I had to buy canned (you CAN´t always get what you want). The turkey and cranberry sauce turned out really weird but still good enough for seconds. The pumpkin cereal bar was good, but not really like pumpkin pie.

Thanksgiving Dinner I made for us

I am not going to get changed this transfer.

The best way to eat a persimmon it turns out is to spread it on bread, if you guys ever buy them. It´s basically a really bruised tomato filled with weird apricot jam.

I wrote josh and lindsay and ben letters, but I forgot and only took photos of Josh´s letter. Hopefully more letters to come, but keep an eye out for them.

I am getting pretty fast at eating pomegranates, A medium sized one in like 10 minutes.

When they try to commit us to do stuff, they make us say ¨Yes!¨ and if it isn´t loud enough we have to say it again sometimes, but that itsn´t the pattern we learned in the temple. 

Josh´s letter to me is never going to come because people are already receiving stuff from November. I think maybe it got lost in another zone or something.

Sometimes I feel so inadequate. Also, I noticed that the manual they gave us to manage stress says the complete opposite of what the leaders tell us frequently. (just an observation). I told the president I was really discouraged in our interview and he told me that sometimes we have to work with numbers because we´re human, but that my mission isn´t a waste and that God sees our efforts the same and celebrates 4-6 lessons the same as 25-30.
I bet you didn´t know that it snowed in Ensenada! (just kidding, it´s is just fog)

Turning 20 is so lame:

I am still having diarrhea (I don´t think it is from parasites like they said, but I think I answered the questions correctly, so they will probably have to give me another prescription). But that health problem is on back burner right now because it isn´t very severe.

A cold that began on my birthday (I am almost over it now). 

My first bad sciatic pain (cursed genetics).I went to the doctor and they said it wasn´t a big deal and gave me tribedoce injections, but said I wouldn´t have to rest that much (and I rested a bunch because I was limping all over with a lot of pain) because they weren´t that insistent about resting (if you can´t work or if the appointment is far away) and so it was just getting inflamed again but what I really need is pain medicine "I´m not an addict, just 40 mg of dilatid," like the video say," por favor". 

The doctor also made me feel really bad because she said I had bad posture and walked bad and I just felt criticized.

Anyways, today, I went to a real doctor (you know what they say about primary care doctors, just kidding they helped me a lot). and he said I need to rest a week and take different medicine but they were  thinking that they would have to send me home , but I got x rays and there is nothing wrong with my bones,  just my muscles, so they were really relieved. (the mission doctor sounded so relieved and started telling me that I was a good missionary and stuff). 

So, now my companion and I are doing our last errands before locking ourself in the house for a week. How boring it is going to be. I feel bad about getting in the way of the Lord´s work, but oh well.

I am fine though, don´t worry. After this week, I will be perfect. The only bad thing, is that I spent almost all my money (almost 150 dollars) on medicine and doctor´s visits and so I am going have to wait for the reimbursement to buy ice cream and our numbers are going to be all 0's this week.

Look, my milk has manga
I also burnt a sock on accident to celebrate some anniversary (like those dumb missionaryeis). But really I was trying to heat lentils (for hot water bottle effect) in the microwave to calm my suffering backside and the second time it burned,
I accidentally burned a sock
I love you guys a lot and just keep swimming and don´t worry and eternal family and I will send you more pictures next week and hold to the rod and it gets better and betters and love you bunches (especially yous arms) and more than apple pie and chevrolet and t hugs and gay love for josh and love you guys and eternal family

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