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Written July 14, 2014


Love you!

Dad, I agree (you can call me my name, please). I miss you, too.

 The two daughters of my investigators stopped now and we won´t go back, because the dad made the mom choose between him and us and then the parents told a bunch of weird stuff to the daughters and they got scared, which is too bad, because their parents are not great examples. In Jesus the Christ it says that it is ridiculous to think that Mary Magdalene was an adulterer, but still what you said is true, that more forgiveness is more love, probably. 

Being doctor at youth conference sounds like being the mission doctor, except more powerful medicine is easily available and stomach infections are more common than scraped knees. I don´t know to what point rusting affects the usability of the car, but I am a cheap skate and would just think of functionability, but I suppose it depends how much longer you think it is going to run. Would the rust spots significantly affect its appearance much longer before it died?

Mom, I can´t think of anything special right now. When it gets nearer to a year, I might ask you to send me new shoes (I thought your glue stuff was going to work, but I guess the joint of the shoe is just pretty bent sometimes, because it took like 4 days for me to feel like all of the coats and stuff were good and it lasted like 1 day) or new clothes or something. I will tell you what I want specifically when it approaches. 

I was surprised that you didn´t tell me that I had reached the 1/3 ponit, haha. It doesn´t snow here, but I think in the mountains it does. I also heard that it snows in Tecate, but there are only sister missionaries there, so I don´t think I will ever find out. It seems funny to me that Josh just gave up on American girls. And, yes, Mom, they do think that they are hipsters.

I did hear that Brazil lost to Germany and I was shocked because I heard it was like 8 to 0 and then that the entire country vandalized the entire country.

Josh, don´t ever skip church again, like your roommates, or work on Sunday. That is how every single inactive person went inactive. I´m glad you count every accomplishment because i also have to do that here. I don´t know if it counts as home teaching, because it sounds like she was trying to home teach you (served...). I am jealous of your shirt. 

Ben, I also had that worry when I was reading, since it wasn´t the Savior. Is Robert Allen the one from night at the musuem (the one on the horse) and who dresses up like an old lady to see his kids? (I don´t think I know who robert allen is). I got ticked off at this point in the letter because the backspace key got stuck and tried to delete everything, but only deleted a little bit. Be nice to that kid and everyone else because it is really hard to go to church and someone like you can do a lot of good. I thought this quote was a really funny reflection and review of youth conference "I felt mad when we started performing because, even though the show was dumb and we were sort of mistreated, I felt the spirit, but I guess I'm glad that I went." Hahah, love you, Ben

My week:

My companion says that Mom and Lindsay are pretty, just so you guys know. He also noticed that i dont have a picture of matt. You could send me a family picture of them in a package.

Living with someone else is hard: disagreements over if putting trash in the freezer prevents roaches and that the air conditioner makes you could at night (of course it does, that is the point, so that you can use all of your blankets and pretend it is winter for just a little bit). How am I going to be married?

Everyone was put off because I didn´t shake their hands because I was sick. Don´t they understand I was tyring to help them?

Our new mission president said he is more like our grandpa and our other was like our dad. Then he told us that thing about having grandkids first and also that after the fall, when adam and eve were walking, eve said "if he were our Grandpa, he wouldn´t have punished us". So there you go, Mom and Dad.

Guess what? The mission president doesn´t even have the authority to send a missionary home. He has to fill out a bunch of paper work and submit a request to general authorities. 

One thing that i miss about a family is the ability to be validated and pacified quickly by someone that understands me really well (like you guys). But here if something makes me angry, I have to wait a week to tell you and a week for a response and by then, my feelings have already passed.

For example: My companion told me that my parents, if they knew what i was eating everyday, wouldn´t be happy and he guaranteed it (which is a comment i would make to someone that ate cookies and soda only, not because they ate carrots and a whole wheat tortilla and a fruit everyday). Anyways, we didn´t fight, because he left because he knew that he hurt my feelings, because although I felt calm, I told him that I just didn´t want him to say stuff in a way that made me feel stupid. But reflecting maybe I was wrong to be offended when he was just trying to help me, because he said it would do damage to my body. And maybe that is why we can´t receive forgiveness if we don´t forgive, because we can´t recognize our own sins to stop doing them. 

Anyways, the next day he told me to not be so sensitive, because he was just trying to help me and people will TRY to hurt me in the future and i can´t let them. Also, that I shouldn´t tell you guys all the bad stuff because you worry and one day I will have to distance myself from you (to a certain degree) and deal with my problems on my own and with my wife, but also it seems somewhat disfunctional and unhealthy to only tell my wife or family the good things and not confide in them insecurities and irritations of the day. Also, what´s the point of an eternal family if I´m just going to treat you like everyone else? When we ask each other how we are, we just lie and say "good" all the time and don´t tell any of our problems (with the good things too, of course). Or maybe he just means that I need to seek my own validation and solution and if I can´t find it or I need advice, then I should turn to my wife/family. i don´t know. I don´t want to be any less close when i get married, but I don´t know what it will be like.

I wrote a bunch of basic insecurities that I feel or that I feel like people are implying when I get offended, to work on being too sensitive and then wrote a response I could say to that insecurity or when I feel like that, but it´s really hard to change who we are. I´m probably going to take my entire life to improve significantly.

I´ve seen those tiny burrowing (I think they´re the ones) owls a couple of times. I think they are endangered. Cool, huh?

Also, we started teachin a referal that said she met the member of the church (the elder´s quorum president incidentally) three days after she prayed to find a way to get closer to God and go to church again. I will probably get changed, but it is still cool. 

Other miracle: A week or two ago, I found a lost sock.

Do I just have a sad face? Why are people always telling me to cheer up and be happy when I already am? 

Did you guys know that Willy Wonk makes an appearance in the Movie Joseph Smith:Prophet of the Restoration? (The first suitor that Emma Smith sees before she sees Joseph for the first time). Watch it and confirm my joke.

I love you guys a lot.And I hope that I don´t worry you and sorry if telling you everything sometimes is bad. (My companion is trying to help me a lot, but sometimes the truth hurts). I love you and eternal family and don´t worry and see you in a little bit more than a year and I will tell you where i get transferred and eternal family the atonement don´t give me diarrhea, love you, telepathic hugs and telepathic hanging out siblings, and love you 


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