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Written July 7, 2014


Ben, you're so hipster, that I don't even know what 'basic' means. Is that the new mainstream? You shouldn't be happy that boy was shut up, but rather that he is being prepared for a mission a little bit better. 29 is pretty good for your ACT, with some practice and filling in all of the bubbles, maybe you can raise it to even higher. 

I am glad that you enjoyed the activities at High Adventure Camp. Did you apologize to Dad and tell him that you were glad he came and that you enjoyed his company and you love him? It is often that way about dying, that you aren't so sure anymore when it actually happens. I am glad that you just laughed, because that is a better motto. Also, now we know that those boys have no self-respect, especially if they had to split the 5 dollars.

Ben, you're letter was really funny and it made me think how much easier it is to journal when you are writing to someone else. I think that we should have monthly family letters at the least, even when no one is on the mission. 

Dad, thanks for the pictures. I wish that I could bathe in the sink, it seems a lot more convenient (toilet and bath in one, not to mention close enough to all the food that you could also wash some raspberries or grapes). I would also like to live close to you guys, but who knows if my wife will want to live in Provo near her all blonde family...just kidding, I don't even like blondes...But really, I have concerns about wildfires, although I do want to live in the same type of place where we live. 

You buying cars is like me buying ice cream, which, in the same way, I still haven't done. On the bright side, we did exchanges with the zone leaders this week and they had ice cream that another missionary had left and they didn't even eat, so I ate like 5 helpings (dinner, breakfast, snacks) so I am satiated for a little while. 

Speaking of Keith, I look at peoples trials a lot on the mission and try to think about the trials of people I know and have an eternal perspective, but I am really scared for when I am an adult, because who knows what things like that will be part of my life. But knowledge of the Gospel does help a lot. 

Is Ben good friends with Ezra now? Because I think that is something really great.

I will use your rental place in Mexico maybe...haha, if you ever get one. Puffed rice balls stay really fresh in those bags, although sometimes other flavors leak in. I still play the piano sometimes, but not enough; sigh, the things I will need to learn and relearn in the eternities. 

Josh, whichever is more convenient for you. The nice thing about an email is that when I get home, I can print it out or something, whereas I might lose a letter. (For example, I have to read ben's letters faster, but I can enjoy them again in the future, but only during my internet time) I don't think they have sucks here, but if they do, I will buy Ades Sucks. 

This week:
A sister who is friends with Josh on facebook was facebook stalking me and says that Grandma Powell is really pretty.

Is it wrong to use public transportation to go to church or to make visits on a Sunday?

Can Presidents of organizations sit on the stand? Our elder's quorum president does every week and we thought it was weird but someone said they could, apparently. (Why would they want to? Even the stake president's don't always want to preside here).

Speaking of bearing real testimonies, a crazy person I've never seen before bore his testimony in testimony meeting and then again in elder's quorum and was inviting everyone to his birthday in the stake center and testifying and reminding people about the World Cup again in four years (although he did invite us to General Conference along with his birthday). And he was sad because the Granado's daughter decided to get married and went and lived in the U.S. But maybe he had a spiritual witness of those things. 

Also, that investigator that I thought might get baptized committed adultery again (on her common law spouse, not with him) and her common law spouse said she had to choose between us and him and she chose him, even though they don't love each other, which is sad, because she wanted to progress, she just has a lot of problems and really needed the Gospel, but we are still going to work with her daughters.

I can't really think of anything else that happened this week, except that I am sick and being sick in the heat isn't fun. Also, my throat is kind of swollen and my companion said that I snore a lot, and it is true, and I think worse for the sickness (because it wakes me up) and I feel like I am suffocating. 

Also, Brother Chaney wrote me (in spanish), now I am going to use some time I guess to decipher his letter.

Love you guys and sorry for a short letter and I love you and the Atonement and eternal families and telepathic hugs and stuff like that

Kaden (lots of other missionaries sign their letters with Elder, to their families, which is weird). 

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