Monday, July 21, 2014

Written June 2, 2014


Mom, yeah, scientists are so dumb. Hopefully Josh marries that girl so that I can learn to speak Spanish and she can support him when he decides to be an actor/sidewalk artist.

Dad, as for the trash in Mexico, my companion always litters. But his family moved to California and I told him that he is going to get stoned if he does that in California. We can't ride bikes in the summer allegedly because we might faint and die. Speaking of which, a missionary allegedly fainted and lost his memory here in Mexicali, but who knows if its really as bad as everyone says. The uniforms are basically the same as the Japanese ones, just that there are more people that have fake died blonde hair. All you guys do is eat pizza, but that's okay. I don't blame you.There's only Chinese restaurants and the food isn't even as good as Chinese food in the US. Also, that mole is the Mexican curry, but I haven't eaten it that much, because b and v are basically the same letter and they misspell stuff all the time.

Ben, that's true, but I am still sorry for spitting in your mouth, but if I remember correctly, it wasn't unprovoked. You spat on me and then you were screaming because I pinned you down and it was just bad luck. That also seems really messed up to me about the vest with weights on it, especially because they were just making her stronger, so that when she removed the vest she had superhuman strength and would be even more difficult to control (like in Samurai Jack). A family here could have used a vest like that to help their son to not jump and run, due to the risk of dislodging the bead in his nose that might have killed him. I think that he is fine now. Yeah, they can't think of new pokemon, so they just remake all of them. 

Josh, good to know that you are concentrating everything in a really funny letter. I already read the stuff you and Ben wrote and just laugh a ton in the internet cafe, which doesn't help that everyone already hates me for being American. I also miss hanging out with you. 

Jessica, Ask Josh about his glowing chest thing. Love you!

This week: 

I bought a ton of fruit and almost died trying to carry it home. It is a lot harder to eat good without a car. I think I wrecked my watermelon...

I read a quote in a Liahona from Brigham Young about how every single experience we have is a requirement for exaltation which is like what my other companion taught me that we shouldn't do stuff if it doesn't make sense or have a reason and that makes me feel a lot better because it reminds me that not only is my suffering useful and have a point, but there is no other way and it is necessary and specific. 

Still, I feel depressed sometimes, even though I know God has a plan for me. And that plan is really good because it is perfect, to the point that it accounts for all of my imperfections. 

I wrote some depressed stuff in my list when I was depressed earlier this week, but it doesn't even make sense now, like what Mom always says about the glasses (half full or half empty). Maybe it is unhealthy, but writing it down is interesting in retrospect. 

Mom and Dad, I was thinking about it and I really admire you guys for not going inactive when they said Aaron couldn't go to church anymore and you still stayed faithful and everything (but remained true to who you were by quitting all of your calliings, haha). How can I be more like you guys?

Could you do me a favor and put several gallons of ice cream and milk in a cooler (and Ben, if he'll fit) and drop it in the Colorado River so that it floats here?

Speaking of ice cream, they have a thing until the end of June at the grocery store, where if you spend 200 pesos, you get a ticket and if it is a winner, you get 2 minutes and a stipend of 5000 pesos to buy whatever you want. Anyways, the entire thing gives me a lot of anxiety and I couldn't sleep trying to think about what I was going to buy and I finally decided a bunch of ice cream and then milk then cereal, cookies then sun screen....but after all my planning and scoping out the store, I didn't win.

There is so much apostasy in other countires. Even in the US, the members say dumb stuff, but still, here, I was talking with my companion and no one respects the garment. Also, he told me once in the principles of the gospel class that a member started telling all the investigators the stuff that we are under covenant not to discuss and he had to stop her and then they had a bunch of questions.

Also, in this ward some member and leaders were saying that an exorcism isn't a normal blessing and that you learn how to do it in the temple (that part where Satan has to leave because they use the priesthood) and it says how to do it in the bishops handbook; but I just told my companion we shouldn't do anything that isn't in our manual. But like that was the stuff we were supposed to learn in the temple...

So in Christmas, the presidency of the area made/sent a letter to the missionaires as part of the plan of the area and it has some requirements as follows:

100% of missionaries doing the following (because the results we are having "are not acceptable":

-baptizing every week (possible, but only for good missionaries, for me no, especially since I am afraid of baptizing, because it is so stressful, but it is not like I am avoiding it intentionally)

-40-60 lessons per week (in this area, between walking and canceled lessons and meetings we have like 20 to 25 a week)

-a new person or name (less active or non-member) to teach from every lesson

-one person we find everyday on our own

But it is completely impossible and barely anyone will admit it because even if we saw those names 2 times a week only and then dropped them, we'd have to have betwen 80 and 120 lessons every week, not including those that carried over from the previous weeks. Some people say goals like this encourage us or we are preparing the next missionaries to reach these goals, but they just tick me off sometimes, that is when I am not just ignoring them.

Anways, this week, I am happy again. Sometimes I lose my patience with my companion, but he is a good companion as far as companions go (even if he is always talking, even when we're toileting or doing personal study sometimes; but it's okay, because I don't talk). I only have this week left with him and then the transfer is over. Hopefully I don't go, because I went out of control and bought a ton of milk and fruit that I won't be able to carry with me.

My english companion wants to know what stake lindsay is in? Also, I know Lindsay wants me to say it and I haven't enough, so 'your baby is a cute one'.

I love you guys and I hope everything is good there. And I love you and don't give me diarrhea and eternal family and I am going to keep trying and you guys too and love you and the atonement.


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