Monday, July 21, 2014

Written June 9, 2014


Mom and Dad, those pictures of Bountiful and a poppy and the baby make me want to be home, but oh well.

Dad, everyone jokes about the Colorado River because it is completely dry here (maybe they let a little water through) but in San Luis Rio Colorado, there isn't any. So that explains why it is so wet at home. I am jealous that the year that I am not there, it is so wet. I can't even find asparagus in the grocery store here, so I don't know if they actually grow it. As far as the mission, they just changed the dress standards before I left, and they are barely different. We aren't going to have polo shirts until my great grand kids. 

Mom, the boys and dad is Aaron and Ben and Dad or Josh? The suit hasn't come yet, but I think it will this month. Don't send me anything else for a while because it will be hard to bring it all home at once. My companion did get transferred, and my new companion is from Mexico City again. His name is Elder Flores. Allegedly, he is disobedient, but I have only known him for a couple hours and he seems alright. We'll see how things go. Also, to be fair about being in Mexico, I flew into San Diego.

This week:

Josh, do you really speak Spanish? Because I told that sister that you would be able to talk to her and she said you said that everything is fine and that you send saludos. 

I don't feel like writing much because our washer broke and their aren't any laundromats nearby, so it is going to be a huge pain in the neck to try and repair it. My companions first day in Mexicali and a ton of stuff already is difficult. I feel stressed out though, but it helps to know that every single one of these experiences is going to prepare me for exaltation. 

Allegedly this week it is going to be 50 degrees celsius sometime, but I don't know. It seems hot to me, but I still don't feel like complaining about it. I stained my sheets with sweat and so they look like they're always wet now, but we started using the air conditioner in the night, so i won't keep staining them. 

I did pee in the sink, like Josh always suggested when we lived together and then cleaned with the sponge and a lot of soap, but good thing that pee is sterile. The only thing is that sometimes you just want to go to bed and your companion is showering, so you gotta pee in the sink. Like they always say here, no pasa nada.

I think that there is going to be a baptism in the ward of someone we are teaching (I say it like that, because I try really hard to remember and baptize for the right reasons, but it is hard sometimes for pride and the natural man), but I just hope that he continues faithful. I don't even want to be a missionary if all of the converts I have are just going to go inactive. 

Sometimes I feel kind of angry or don't know what I am doing wrong that I feel like I try to be obedient and the leaders don't have very much confidence in me and lots of other missionaries are already training or leaders, but I don't care. I just want to be happy and do good, but sometimes I feel discouraged. This week, not so much, because my companion was discouraged, so I had to not be discouraged. 

Congratulations to Vanessa and Ryan and also again to Mikey and Drew!

I love you guys a lot and am going to keep trying. I will tell you more about my companion next week. Eternal family and all that.


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