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Written June 30, 2014


Lindsay, the thing the missionary did was hypocrisy because he did it in a talk in sacrament meeting, not a class, and he was talking about it the same day that he had given a talk about the importance of 'reverence in the sacrament meeting' and saying how 'no one ever pays attention' at the same time. I think it is a true and good object lesson, but not in sacrament meeting. Ben, don´t say that you´re smarter than everyone else; Everyone else, be nice to Ben. That is a funny story about Mackenzie (pushing away the annoying kid at church with her foot in their face), but I think that Matt is right, that you shouldn´t let her do it, because then she's going to turn into a brat (maybe, I don't really know anything about parenting).

Mom, the heat isn't that bad, so don't worry. Also, sounds like you have worse diarrhea than I have ever had in the mission, haha. Also, good job getting rid of stuff. Stuff is a plague. I also don't care about excelling, but sometimes I feel really bad about breaking whatever rule (more to come about this later) or that I need to be perfect, is that excelling or enduring? Changing brakes is such a pain, poor dad. Lindsay could put a bunch of easter eggs just for us in, or I don't know what else. Mom, you also don't need a real calling to do stuff. You can ask the missionaries if they need help, or greet everyone or help with the kids of a young couple if they seem overwhelmed. Don't feel like you are useless(!...I put the exclamation mark in parenthesis, because it isn't really my personality, but a period seemed too dry). I hope that will help Aaron, but yeah, goals are really hard, that's why I still have a bunch of the same imperfections, like for the rest of my life.

Ben, I am proud of you for being mature and trying to help. I know that things like that can sometimes be stressful. Your comment about mutual dislike made me laugh. Just try to be nice and realize that being more helpful is much better. 

Dad, those things are all really important, good thing that you went with Ben to adventure camp. It sounds like you guys are a lot braver than me to do all of those things. Pretty much only the hike sounds like something that I would like to do. I don't really ever have time to learn anything special on the piano. Sometimes I play in sacrament meeting, but I found out that the bishops wife plays, she just sometimes gets there late, so I stopped playing and she usually plays (and she plays well) which is better for self-sufficiency of the ward anyway. I don't like sitting in front that much either, but not as much as you, I guess, because I have never given it that much thought to develop a strategy, haha. 

This week,

I received my suit! Thanks, Mom! Thanks a ton for all of the other stuff too! I already ate all of the puffed rice balls. Also, Ben´s book was cool, even though it left me with a lot of questions about what the Spanish assignment was. Also, the warheads you sent me reminded me of a childhood fear that I have had of them ever since I wanted them in Costco once and Josh or Mom or someone told me that they were really really sour and I haven't eaten them since (i think). I have just always avoided them (but I did finally eat one).

The new mission president arrived this week. My companion talked to him on the phone and said that he seems more gruff than our other, but we will see. I think so, because they say one relaxed and then one strict and (despite what a lot of others thought) I think the old one was relaxed. 

We watched someone kill a pig by shooting it between the eyes and then stabbing it in the chest while it was rolling around for 15 seconds. We thought they should have killed it in the side of the head, but we asked someone who slaughters cows and they said that if you do that, the meat stains purple or something. He also showed us a video of his job where they killed the cows and after they are barely dead (and still hanging) they cut them and the blood sprayed out just like in 'Another'. Like a sprinkler of black, or something.  

My companion told me that i shouldn't floss everyday because it was going to make my gums swell and that brushing for so long was going to remove the enamel from my teeth (he also mentioned how it would effect my gums in making them recede, and i think that he is right about that, so I didn't mention it). But I don't believe him.

Is it bad to break the rule of getting home at 9 to eat hamburgers? I really want to be perfectly obedient, but a lot of times I succumb to human weakness and we enter houses and cars with females alone. With my other companion, we hardly ever did that, but with this companion, we just try to avoid it and sometimes we enter if there are a lot of different women or if we ride in back of the car and things like that, or if we need to eat. 

When I get home, I am also going to make you guys hielitos de oreo and pistachio and also barbacoa with beef and birria with chicken. And homemade tortillas.

Why does everything made in California say ¨This product contains a chemical known to the state of California to cause cancer?¨ Is it because they don't want to sell anything or because that joke that I always say (whenver someone says that microwaves, milk, etc. give you cancer) that everything gives you cancer is true?
 I´d rather live in ignorance than know that joke is true. Or at least just use my best judgement to know that some cleaners cause cancer, but not that the hand sanitizer for kids that I bought does. haha (I don't really like to put haha, but I am afraid sometimes you won't know that I am joking).

We went to a members house with four missionaries to eat yesterday. And one of the kids was behaving kind of bad (not that bad, but it seems worse in a small house) just rough-housing with a missionary and throwing balls and pillows at him. But, we found out that he had just recently been baptized and one of the missionaries said ¨What kind of Spirit did they give him?¨ referring to his confirmation, which is really bad, but also really funny. (also in really bad taste in the members home). But the parents were trying to control their kid, but it was completely the missionary's fault, because at first the boy was calm and then he riled him up and then when he calmed down, he did it again. But the parents couldn't say much to a missionary. It is annoying when some of the people around you are either little kids, or think they know more than you  (not that many people are like that, most of the people here are alright)

Also, I think that glue is going to work for my shoes, but we will see. I had my doubts at first, but it is looking more hopeful, especially when I found out you can use it to repair conveyor belts. 

I read in Jesus the Christ that the calling of apostle is so sacred, that we shouldn't use the word apostle very much, when referring to the quorum and things like that, but I don't know if I believe that, because it is like putting apostle to a higher state than using the Lords name in vain, but I have a lot more serious sins to deal with first anyways. 

Also, we found a lady (really we thought she was a girl at first because she is so short and is the same amount older than my companion than he is from me, haha) and her three daughters that are really great when we helped them carry their cooler, but her common law husband is going to return and we are going to lose the progress maybe that we made (that the mom and the daughters are starting to believe in not drinking and the law of chastity now and stuff) which is really sad. But hopefully everything works out.  

Love you guys a lot and don't give me diarrhea and I hope you are happy and eternal family an I can't wait until next week and the atonement and thanks for the telepathic delivery, mom, and the same to you guys and love you a lot!


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