Monday, July 21, 2014

Written June 16, 2014


Dad, does that mean they aren't good enough quality to erase the ones from my camera? How can I prevent email from shrinking them? Also Happy Father's Day

Also Happy Father's Day, Grandpa 
And also Matt
And hopefully not anyone else

Mom, I don't think I would like that. When I went with Josh and his friend in Golden, I felt like a noob and like I was going to drown. But I am really jealous of your vacation that you all had. 

Josh, I'm pretty sure it was an old woman that friended you, but I was asking if you secretly know Spanish. But your quote confirmed that you only kind of secretly know Spanish. I don't care if you talk with her, but if they start censoring my email, then I will start sending messages through her. 

Lindsay, in response to your photo, see my photos (a photo is worth a thousand words) but she's a cute one

Dad, again, I am really jealous of the parts of the vacation you guys told me about. I don't know if you had more fun than usual or if it just seems more fun, but oh well. I haven't gotten anything from Brother Cheney yet, but I did get an email from Pres. Fowler. Secretly, I want that you are my high council pen pal, but Brother Bickmore would have been cool. Maybe brother cheney will teach me some cool spanish (but I doubt it because chaqueta (jacket) also means jacket here, unless you're talking to a middle schooler and then it is something vulgar and things like that. (Spanish is different here is all I am saying). Or like in Argentina "cajeta" is also something vulgar, but here it is just a caramel flavored thing.

Ben, don't be a party pooper just smile really big when you make a mistake and try something new. It is something that I try to do, but usually I just feel like crying, but there is no point in going if you are just going to choose to be unhappy about every aspect, so at least choose to have a little fun. I kind of want to feel an earthquake, but they are allegedly worse here, so not that much. That thing about froot loops is true, don't you remember the story about Lindsay's green poop on St. Patrick's Day (It also happened to me). Maybe you should enter the science fair with an idea like that (why didn't we have these good ideas back then). Also, in the last 2 minutes always fill in a bunch of bubbles, but I suppose you already know that. I thought of you this week when my companion asked me why I said I couldn't think positively and I wanted to say it was an illness, but I knew he wouldn't understand. 

This week: 

A leader ticked me off and I was going to give you all the details, but it is better that I just forget....sigh

My new companion told me in English "Sometimes I think the church isn't true in Mexico" which is true, but also sometimes equally true in the US, because people are crazy.

Where is your ostrigonum? Because sometimes my calf hurts while I am jump-roping.

I feel like the world is going to fall apart on Monday's. The tube got clogged in sink where the washer drains and I figured out that the water spraying everywhere is why the washer is unbalanced because the earth is all eroded away and we couldn't unclog it, so we had to channel it to the yard, hopefully the soap really is biodegradable and doesn't kill everything.

Also, we didn't have a chance to clean (why?! Maldito P-day) because we went to do other stuff, like drop off my companion's suit at the cleaner. Also, I crossed the street to eat in another zone, so that is a sin, or at least disobedience. I am going to keep trying. They also charge a ton for a quesadilla or anything in some restaurants, that's why I don't like to eat in big streets or in malls, but oh well, eating less is probably healthier. (The curse of crossing into the other zone). On the bright side, I finally got a bus ticket that has numbers that add up to 21, which my other companion said you can exchange for one kiss. 

Worst of all, I killed three baby cockroaches in one day, so I don't know how much hope there is to stay cockroach free....but like I said last week, all the experiences we have are to prepare us for exaltation, so I guess I need this for some reason. 

I read a scripture by accident in d and C 103:9-12 and you guys can read it. But it just means that nothing is going to be easier and we have to work harder to share the gospel and reactivate people and stuff. Like Elder Ballard (?) said in conference, to share the Gospel once a trimester (but I think that means actually inviting someone to listen to the missionaries). I am going to keep trying hard too.

My companion is from Mexico City again and the first few days I really liked him (but not as much as some other companions). He is 24 but I kind of butt heads with him (or more like I just want to, and don't because arguing doesn't help, especially when you're wrong), because he is smarter than me and usually always right and so I just feel dumb (maybe because i'm not that used to it), but also the type of person, like a teacher that is really strict and kind of hard to like, but does it for your good. So hopefully I improve a lot with him, even though he is kind of hard and pretty formal (he still jokes though a lot. I think it is all about perspective).

Now I am going to google the difference between ox and cow and bull and how to prevent cockroaches.

I love you guys and eternal family and don't worry about me and the atonement and don't give me diarrhea and I love you

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