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Written May 26, 2014


Love you!

Josh, does the waffle iron cook the chicken thoroughly and does it taste good? Is it hard to clean the waffle iron? I can't remember the last time I had a migraine, but I think it was less than 6 months ago. I wouldn't want to do that though, because they are going to induce a migraine and I wouldn't pay that much to get rid of one, but I wouldn't accept anything to have once induced.

Mom, I read on wikipedia that there aren't conclusive studies about msg, but I still try to eat fresh, the only thing is soup and refried beans. Can you cook beans as fast as rice? If you can, then there isn't even a point in buying the envelopes with them. Kenzie only has 5 months left to be speaking in complete sentences (like you guys said we did at a year) so good thing she is making progress. It struck me as weird that you said "her mom" but oh well. Also, all this about your printers and lasers that make a 3d topographical scan of things is making me feel like you guys are in the future over there (they use that exact thing in Incredibles) We have a microwave now that was extra that belonged to some missionaries that are in a furnished apartment now, so we stole it.

Grandma, I am sorry that you re-doing your carpet is so dumb. Why does it seem like everytime anyone decides to do anything like that, it never works out as planned? Also, I am sorry that my dad conned you, but next time, just try all of the foods (share) and then demand the better thing. Tell Grandpa and everyone in Utah that I love them!

Dad, the bikes were bought by the ward, I guess. I paid like 10 dollars to fix mine and buy a new tire. But we can't use them during the real heat, so I probably wont spend very much energy tryng to fix them. My companion will wear his helmet strapped now, but doesn't tighten his strap very much, so I don't know, I already told him I would feel personally responsible if he died. I would never do that with a dead animal, because I read a story once about a girl that got sick from touching a dead squirrel. Our apartment is too small to move the bed or beds into the other room, but so far it isn't a problem. I think more of a problem is going to be exorbitant electric bills that the mission won't reimburse. They use it the same here (I already knew what it meant from Gintama)

This week:

We are trying to be more obedient because I think it is important (what is the principle, besides charity, that gets the most people into heaven) and last monday we decided not to break the rules to go eat and the entire rest of the zone did and my companion was telling me that he had better see the blessings, to which I said that I had seen blessings: like I broke 100 in bowling. Anyways, the blessings were immediate, because we were on the bus and the zone leaders called us to grill my companion that his entire district broke the rules and went to the mall without the mission presiden't permission, but he can't give permission anymore, so joke's on them.

Also, sometimes we turn down rides from women alone and, like saturday, another person offered us a ride immediately, like a minute later.

We went to chinese restaurant and a girl from China that barely speaks Spanish was amazed by our eyes. I guess colored eyes exist a lot less in the gene pool in China than in Mexico, now that I think about it.

The schools here remind me a lot of those in the anime in Japan in style and everything. It also helps that there are a bunch of people with the same color hair and eyes in the same uniforms (just like the japanese shows)

I had my first stomach infection this week (but everyone was surprised that I didn't have diarrhea; (I trust that you aren't fighting), which I thought at first was a migraine, but it wasn't. But don't worry, I got medicine and am feeling a lot better (medicine is so cheap here; the doctor (if he had charged me) and the medicine would have cost me like 10 dollars). 

But I asked the mission doctor how we should know when we should rest for illness and she told me when we felt fine with the Lord about it. Which is an answer too ambiguous for me and that crazy people use to rest too much and not enough. But they ask how many baptisms you have had, to give you permission, which ticked me off at first, until I realized it was just so they can tell your companion to go work without you. But jokes on them once again, because we were in exchanges and the other missionary didn't know the area.

Speaking of which, I feel like I might never baptize in my mission again. I am trying hard to be obedient and I feel like I am pretty organized, but I don't have a lot of success, so maybe I just need to feel more love or concern for the people, but I am going to keep trying to improve. It just stinks, because, supposedly, we are among the children of Lehi and the area presidency told us that we should be baptizing every week and things like that. I don't feel depressed though, but sometimes I wonder if I am being effective or just wasting my time or if I am a bad missionary. Also, if my sacrifices are worthwhile and if the Lord appreciates them and sees them, like that I don't play the piano as well and to a degree sacrifice my health and also risked my scholarship if I don't return with honor and things like that. 

Also, my companion and I were talking about ways to improve and he said he thinks we need to leave things in the lord's hands more and not rely on our own knowledge, but I feel like doing everything we can is relying that the lord is going to do his half if we do ours. Also, why do people act like if we have a lot of faith we are going to baptize a ton? I don't know if I agree or not, because I feel like I have faith, that is why I try to keep the commandments, but I also know that we are going to have a lot of trials and that God can't violate agency.

Also, I read something in an old ensign about a guy who thought his genealogy was done and then found like 50 more names, cool, huh?

Things I am going to make you guys when I get home: sopes with salsa verde, mole, agua de pepino, conchas maybe, pan estilo sinaloa, posole, refried beans, chiles rellenos, apple fritters and scones again maybe.

Things you are going to make me when I gt home: ice cream, soup, ice cream with fruit, puffed rice balls

Happy birthday this week, mom. I don't know when father's day is, so maybe Happy Father's Day this Sunday, Dad. Sometimes other missionaries have really nice clothes and stuff or we visit people that don't have kids and they have a really nice house and cars, but I realized that is the sacrifice of having kids, maybe, so thanks, mom and dad. love you guys

I love you guys and thanks for not giving me diarrhea and eternal families and the atonement and keep trying to improve. and see you soon and I miss you.


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