Tuesday, March 18, 2014


I am glad that you also like my negative e-mails, haha. Because those happen sometimes. 

Dad, they probably just sent a crappy image because they don't have a good camera. I think I will probably never get a good picture of a zone conference or the mission because it is really hard, but I am on the right on the stage. 

Josh, I practically almost buy everything adventure time here, because I miss it so much. And yeah, that is exactly what life is like with pday and stuff, except sometimes pday isn't as fun as you thought, just like the real weekend when you don't have dates and have to sit home and do homework and you stay up late and feel sick, or at least that's how weekends were for me. I do really miss Adventure time though. And the episode where Jake turns into a car and eats Finn, if my wife doesn't love that, it is going to be hard to love her, but I will just have to be a better missionary so the Lord prepares her.

Mom, it is hot here a lot now and still dry, but it seems humid to me because I grew up in Colorado forever. Sometimes we have to open the window in the bedroom to clear the sweaty night air out. That thing about the pot there is sad and also completely predictable when you look at alcohol; but maybe it will help make the second coming happen. I got both of your pictures and they turned out well.
I don't have diarrhea very much and when I do I think that it is from stress. The bad diarrhea is from food, but I haven't really had any of that. I hope that means dad and Ben aren't fighting and that everyone else i getting along. Tell Ben I love him too and in 6 months he will appreciate not being on accuatane anymore.

This week:

We skipped language study to go eat tlayudas at a family from Oaxaca's house, so that means they are sin food. They are giant tough tortillas with grasshoppers, avocado, beans, cheese oaxaca which is pretty good, salsa, chorizo which is a blood sausage that is alright, but I don't really like much and a big piece of beef. The grasshoppers are not as good as they act like on tv, but they aren't bad either. Like Josh said, though, locust, like John the Baptist.

We also tried sopes this week, which are really good. They're like tostadas which are crunchy tortillas except they are softer and thicker then regular tortillas but you top them with re-fried beans and cheese and chicken and salsa (a lot like you do with tostadas) and I will have to make them when I get home. Also, it turns out enchiladas are better here, but a different kind of enchiladas. With salsa verde, the same kind that was on the sopes (we tried them with the daughter of the family that gave us sopes) 

But the recipe is with tomatillo, chile serrano or jalapeno, onion, cilantro and garlic and that is a really good and easy salsa here. 

I told my mission president that we could not enter homes of women alone and not offend them either, but after that I immediately offended a woman when I said that here 22 year-old son with down syndrome wasn't responsible and so I couldn't enter, (really I think just because she thinks I don't trust her she was offended, but it wasn't about that )

Elder Zuniga (who said he is going to email you when he gets back home to Chihuahua on Wednesday or maybe a little later, mom) told me the curse of obedience is that you have terrible numbers, which is partly true, because you can't enter the houses of women alone, but I don't care. I think I am going to make obedience a priority and just try not to worry about the other, because obedience should be more important, right? Our president told us if we want to see miracles, part of the formula is exact obedience, (the other parts are faith and diligence) so I will just have to trust that miracles happen.

Other food that I have tried this week:

pollo picante which is good from Bolivia and also chuno from there. I am glad I didn't go there on my mission because they eat so many potatoes and tortilla with corn are healthier I think. 

Is corn always a whole grain or can you also have it separated like wheat?

Also, I tried a fruit called nispero, which is decent, but I wouldn't buy it at the store, just eat it from a tree. It tastes exactly like you would think looking at it, which I realize doesn't make sense, but isn't something to write home about (which is why I dedicated this paragraph to write home about it).


I had another exchange with Elder Zuniga before he goes home (his flight leaves tomorrow) and I am going to nickname him my second trainer. But really I appreciate and love him a lot. He is practically our paisano (or from the same place as us) because he lived in Colorado and speaks perfect English and knows what CSAP is. Also, he likes adventure time and regular show and avatar too. But really he just helped me a lot when I felt discouraged and gave me a lot of good advice (like that sometimes things my companions do will make me want to (cocking handgun and pushing it against throat) but that as I serve them I will have more patience and love them because charity suffers long, and that is why he is still here. 
and that if I don't want to enter a house with single women and break the rules I don't have to and sometimes my companion won't support me, but light always triumphs over sin and sometimes I will have to stand alone. 
Maybe I will see him at byu or after I die. 

Anyways, I was feeling kind of depressed that my trainer was leaving and I wouldn't get advice from anyone anymore, maybe, that was really good, but I have my new companion now, and things are going to be fine, hopefully. I just need to keep being obedient and the Lord will help.

My new companion is Elder Duran from Mexico City again and he has 18 months in the mission. I don't know what he is like really yet, but I am going to serve him until I love him, or at least that is one of my priorities. 

I feel sad because I miss the missionaires that changed, but before I know it , we'll all be dead and can see each other and all our family members again.

Love you guys, eternal families. Josh, the ultimate weapon can break the damage limit..don't give me diarrhea you guys.

 Love you love you see you soon, Kaden

Pictures with some members and my old companion before he left:

Pictures of me and tlayuda (the grasshopper food) and elder zuniga (not my new companion) but one of my favorite people. I appreciate him a ton:

 Josh says:   There are bugs all up in this food. Kaden has gone John the Baptist on us, eating Locusts and such...

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