Sunday, March 16, 2014

Written February 17, 2014


Sorry if my emails worry you, but you are the only place I can vent except my prayers and with a missionary from my district in the MTC who I know won't judge me..

i already make meaningless goals t hat are too high just so the leaders won't bug me and I never reach them almost, but oh well. I just think it is too bad that the culture makes us so much more ineffective.

We ate pigs feet in a bean, cilantro, tomato, onion, jalapeno, carrot, broth thing, which were (the other ingredients) good. The grossest part is that they still have the skin.

We were teaching a less active lady who can't go to church because she is sick and she was telling us she has trouble with the stories but that she finally learned the one of Joseph Christ failed in fulfilling God's will so Joseph Smith had to do it, We did our best to help her understand how it really is. She also was afraid to go to the temple because she didn't want to lend her body to a dead spirit and have it enter in. Some people have very unusual misconceptions. We try to help.

A sister in our ward cleans a giant house in California. We saw pictures and my companion said it must be 50 or 100 thousand dollars at least, but it has to be more like 5 million or 15 million dollars...

There was a giant cockroach in our house that I killed. I think it was a stray, thankfully, because I haven't seen any others in our house or any other (living ones) anywhere else. I said it freaked me out and my companion pointed out it didn't even hiss or fly like some types.

Your letters always make me laugh or cry, so just like a good movie, you know they're good.

We had an outside conference with a member of the presiding bishopric and my seat was completely wet like a sponge, which was terrible. And he said that when he used to scout out lands for temples before they were announced his wife would ask where he was going, and he would say he would tell her, but then he'd have to kill her.

My companion told me to remember that only our leaders can grill us, I appreciate that sentiment.
There are 210 missionaries in my mission, para que sepan.

I fear that I haven't had true repentance for a like a year, even though we should repent everyday, because I forget about the bad things I do because they aren't so glaring and I probably always return to do them.

Banana+ milk in blender is almost as good as puffed rice balls and also gives me tons of nostalgia for banana ice cream shakes when I was little.

Apparently, knocking a certain pattern here is the f word, which I accidentally did on the door. Other missionaries confirmed it too. Oh well

I saw "Japanese peanuts"in a store. Is that a real thing?

I got a letter from grandma today addressed to the old address.  Is the new one updated on my blog? It was from Christmas though. Thanks, Grandma!

I ate menudo, which just smells really bad, but isn't tough or chewy or anything even though it is stomach. Like stomach flesh noodles.

I also had homemade tortillas which aren't better like homemade bread vs. from the store. And quesadillas are really common here with just cheese. Also, all sorts of sauces made from chilies.

There are some fruits I want to try, but I haven't seen them yet. Membrillos, dominicans (small bananas) and cirelas. I have just heard about them.

I always eat oatmeal now (thanks josh) and it is really good and I always put a banana in it and feel a lot healthier in that respect. But less so in that I eat cookies everyday to self-medicate.

This Sunday I played piano in church, and spoke (with like 10 minutes of preparation) and taught  principles of the Evangelio. So that is being a missionary.

I'm not crazy about being obedient, but I feel really bad when we waste entire days or hours not accomplishing anything and I feel bad when I don't contact people in the street and sometimes when we make visits and break that rule of visiting single or widowed sisters, which no one ever answered if they did that on their missions...Like for example, Sunday we didn't  teach any lessons to anyone, we just visited with them in their houses. Josh, did you ever break that rule of visiting homes without an adult male there?

A member gave us barbacoa, which is really good. It has broth (caldo) which tastes like a mix between french dip and pho and then tons of birria (shredded beef).

Allegedly, the previous president of this mission reprimanded with his priesthood a missionary that stood up and started swearing at him during a conference.And the missionary passed out and then the president said he was a follower of the devil who repented at the last minute, but i don't think those exist. Firstly, it kind of denies the Atonement had a lasting effect and  secondly, it gives us a reason to be jerks to others and not recognize their potential as children of God. More probably it was because that president was really strict, at least I hear so.

Happy Birthday Josh and Benjamin, this week!

Josh, i don't know what to tell you about girls except that your Valentines day experience is the reason in elementary school you have to give valentines to everyone. Basically what you described with the tricking you into listening to the women engineers with food is kind of my mission,  I just live from snack to snack and meal to meal here. 

Ben, thanks for sending me your drawings and an email and yeah, yolo, that's why I try to speak spanish and yell my stop on the bus, even though my accent is so strong and weird that everyone in the bus turns to look at me every time.

Auntie, glad to hear you enjoy these letters!

Mom and Dad, thanks for your encouragement and letters. He doesn't teach that the word of wisdom is optional, he just emphasizes agency enough with every principle that I think it is left unclear sometimes. Uncle Dave,  I will try to remember you in my prayers too.

I love you guys and miss you a lot. I am depressed when I don't do good (like wasting an entire day or not standing up more for the small rules), but really I am fine. That giant burial mound idea that josh had on his mission so we can all be resurrected together sounds like a really good idea. Love you eternal family.

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