Sunday, March 16, 2014

I only took one picture this week of allegedly yucatan food, tostada with refried benas an egg, lettuce, ham and cheese and salsa.

Josh, thanks for the picture you sent to all of the missionaries you know. Now I can start sending emails to all of the girls you like.

Lindsay, your presents are always good because you think about them and I don't even give anyone presents ever, so you are beating me. And yeah, damned kids of us always being ungrateful to the aunties and mom and dad and grandparents.

Dad, the email with 4 pictures was the better size. You can give everyone my blog address, but truthfully, I don't want to write anyone, because I barely have the time to write you guys, family. Also, could you give the address of the blog to Grandma, I got a letter from her and she acted like she doesn't have it. Matt says the most important rule is sleep in different bed from your companion. I don't think I have bed bugs, but time will tell. I don't think the leaders probably eat anything except some food for breakfast and dinner (which I do too) but I don't know. I'd get migraines if I didn't drink water, I don't know anymore, but I am going to try again, but not until after my mission.

Ben, congratulations on being a teacher. I hope that trust fall built unity in your quorum, haha. And welcome to church/mexico/everywhere/every other Person, sometimes what people say has no end and doesn't make any sense, but good job being smarter than everyone as usual. I don't know about internet school because you might become a recluse and be really depressed. You need to do your laundry more. Maybe it smelled like ham from not wearing deodorant or washing too many clothes at a time, I don't know anywaything.

Mom, I got your letter with genealogy this week along with a letter from Grandma. The packages are unpredictable. I'm healthy except the occasional bouts of depression or stress. I am terrible at judging distances, but it seems like more because of the hills. The shoe guarantee won't work, I don't think, because we never sent it in because we didn't have a receipt or something, you have to register the shoes. They are fine, I think, I just won't wear them in deep water (or try at the least). I basically will never improve at Spanish, but am not going to worry about it at this instant, maybe tomorrow. I'll probably have like 1 or 2 american companinos (not a spanish word just a typo).

This week:
They have a food here that is called negrito which is little blackie or little the n-word and also a politically correct version that they are starting to sell in the us called nitos that has a white kid with an afro. They are like eclairs, but crappy.

I also count badly now, because you can't count someone as a new investigator unless they have had a first lesson and a specific date to return, but a first lesson needs to have a prayer and two principles, so I just count whatever we say to a street contact as that if we have a specific appointment. but not as a lesson in the lesson category unless it was really in depth. I am also evil now.

I have heard that about the microwave; also, lindsay told me when I was little that if I stood in front of it it would make me retarded like someone she used to know. Names can't be included.

I ate corn with cheese and mayonnaise and hot sauce and butter and it was okay.

Also, mole chicken with homemade tortillas y quesadillas is pretty good.

Someone gave us coffee candy and my companion ate it but I just threw it away later, and he thought that was ridiculous. And it is true that I ate some wine candy earlier, but I wish I hadn't. The difference being though I think, that alcohol is found in fruit all the time, but coffee isn't, so I don't know. I wish I hadn't done either just for principle.

I was telling a sister that I drink water during my fast and my companion asked me in front of her if it was by prescription so I lied and said yes, but basically any doctor would give me a prescription like that if I told them about being a missionary and migraines and puking. It bugs me because I think I live the law of the fast, but I am probably going to start fasting every week just from pure peer pressure. 

He also likes really strong scriptures like one in santiago that says he who is guilty of one sin is guilty of them all, but I think it is just talking about if we didn't have Christ, even one sin would prevent us from returning to God. Why doesn't anyone ever think about the Savior when they share such crazy scriptures?

So, allegedly complaining is against the mission rules and the previous president sent missionaries home for it because all the residents and assistants read the emails we send. But the manual says just not to complain about your area, so your companion is fine. But really I think the reason is just so you have a positive attitude. But if I get sent home for something like that, oh well. I can't help that I am so negative sometimes.

Also, my companion told read me a quote that even the smallest lie is a serious sin, which sucks since I lied about the fasting thing. I don't think things like that help me, they just make me feel like giving up.

I'm kind of hypocrite, because I buy a lot of starch and sugar with my own money and then say the members don't feed us enough vegetables, but I am trying.

Have you ever heard that the 10 virigins were all going to marry the bridegroom? I always imagined them as bridesmaids, but the spanish version and my companion use the word boyfriend and it never mentions the girlfriend.

We had a snow day with all the rain this week, but it only lasted an hour which is stupid.

It has been kind of cold and rained off and on for three days. One day was really strong and the staircases all turned into rivers and the streets that are in the valleys and also the cockroaches trying to escape drowning, but only I saw a bunch on one wall. Probably not as much as I make it sound. but the sewer drainage system isn't great here.

one thing I will miss about my companion is that he isn't a slob. Sure he doesn't wash his hands after a creamy behemoth or peeing unless it gets on his hands, but the apartment is clean.

One thing that bugs me is that he taught a recent convert that she can gradually quit drinking coffee and that we don't need to be perfect, just strive, but that is something that is definitely in her power and the word of wisdom is one of the big commandments. Also, we always invite less actives to the church to take the sacrament, but they never get interviewed or anything, so hopefully we aren't responsible for them taking it unworthily.

I have a story to tell about a horrible lesson, so hopefully I have the time....
a sister was telling us she can see spirits and is a white witch,
and she helps them, and then they told us all this stuff about weird sounds and seeing dead people and she is a member the entire family in fact.  I shared helaman 5:12 and it was really good, then my companion shared the parable of the talents and said she should develop her talent.

I think I have less than 2000 bowel movements remaining in my mission. (missionary challenges)

Everyone always thinks I work in banks and post offices when we go there because of my clothes.

I was reading the genealogy stories mom sent me and I should stop complaining because I live a much better life than probably all of my ancestors, even though I am a missionary.

Eternal family love love love you guys (don't give me diarrhea)

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