Sunday, March 16, 2014

Written February 24, 2014

I have the same companion for a long time because I am in training. I think that we will get separated in 3 weeks when the transfer ends. 

Thanks everyone for responding to my doubt; and thanks, matt, for reminding me of the most important rule that we have.

Dad, para que sepan is just which is, just so you know, which really doesn't mean anything that important. I eat oatmeal, and also tons of bread and cookies. I am trying though to eat some fruit and vegetables. A lot more than my companion.

Mom, I got my backpack and it is perfect. Hopefully it was a lie what they said about slowly phasing out backpacks in mexico. Thanks a ton! 
I already do that thing with my blessing, kind of, but there aren't that many admonitions for some reason. I usually just turn the blessings into admonitions, like it is expected that I will work until I have these blessings, and that is too much pressure...haha.

I miss all of you too (living with you, Josh, is a lot better than with a companion). Love you and eternal families.

This week:

I call my jump rope "The cursed jump Rope of discouragement'' like I'm in Adventure Time which somehow makes tripping seem a lot cooler.

Everyday is hard and we aren't baptizing anyone or helping anyone progress very well, but hey, the weeks go fast enough. And I can do it when I live from food to food.

I got a package from Grandma and Grandpa with tons of brownies and skittles and lemonheads. Thanks, grandma and grandpa! I have a problem though in that they only lasted 2 days because I am afraid other missionaries will eat them all on the exchange so I ate them in two sittings plus half a gallon of milk from costco we were gifted in one sitting. 

I think I will get twice as many packages as Josh because they can mail like I am in the US but I seem as far away, so that is cool. (being the favorite that is)

My companion is good mannered. I went with some others missionaries to a members house and I felt like we were in a restaurant. It was pretty awful.

He is also an annoying do-gooder in that if we find mail or a lost dog in the street, we spend hours trying to return it and people are never that grateful or we just give up after a while. But whatever,  he has good intentions.

McDonalds is swanky here, kind of.

I've gained like 15 or 20 pounds (I don't know because I weighed myself after eating a lot) but I think like 15 since beginning my mission. Hopefully it is mostly muscle from walking up hills.

I did an exchange in an apartment with bed bugs, but I didn't get any bites and hopefully I didn't bring any home.

I am still not comfortable with the toilet paper trash cans, so I was rolling my used toilet paper into small balls so they would flush easily, which is fine, until you get to the first piece you used and the poop squeezes out like play doh on your hands. I will be more careful next time. haha

I had to throw away those healthy drink mixes because I found out that they had less than 1% green tea, so it is more of a principle thing then anything else which is too bad because I felt really good about all the other stuff they had in them. Thanks though mom for thinking of me.

hot cakes (or pancakes) are much better here from the mix. I actually like them.

My dressier shoes already have a split across the sole, but I think they are fine, I will just have to avoid puddles (I am not even sure the water will enter). But next time I will buy some like the other pair.

Our zone leaders bought us dilly bars from DQ and they are like a dipped cone popsicle that only cost s 12 pesos. They were super good. but my companion said he prefers the other ice cream we have eaten which tastes like frozen vanilla pudding.

It is weird when random member drive by and give us $5, but I accepted it, so...

Cake is better if you put it in the freezer first or if it is tres leches, which just means they fill the spongy part with milk and evaporated and condensed milks.

singing is awful sometimes here. we did visits with a return sister missionary and we sang at every single one and my companion started laughing because my voice was cracking and sounded so bad. Ben will be an asset when  he comes on a mission.

I think that anyone should drink water during a fast in the summer, but my companion said if we can go 3 days without water then we die, nothing is going to happen in 1 day, (for himself he spoke, not me) but he will be at least 1/3 of the way to death in fact.

I was thinking and when Britain changed from imperial to metric it was probably the first time they admitted they were wrong.

According to my companion the prophets and apostles are endowed to a greater degree than us and for that reason they have to wear garments always that go to their wrists and ankles. I don't know if I believe him.

Home teaching here is easy because they just assign you two or three families and they are only less active or inactive or recent converts. They don't bother with resources on the actives.

When I am middle aged will I babble and talk forever and never be quiet. it is really hard to teach people like that here, but were they always like that?  So disorganized and talking about how the bible is clear that we are extra terrestrials and that revelations talks about space ships?

I heard if we want to experience Mexican culture and food, we should go to guanajuata, so maybe we should go there when I get back.

Why does God permit Satan to have such random powers, like control over water, but specifically the Mississippi r. and he can appear as anything except

a white dove?

Also, I know why we aren't supposed to buy clothes, because my companion spent 700 pesos of his 800 for two weeks on boots. I am never going to do it like that, max 100.

Anyways love you all and thank you for the letters and the love and everything.

love love eternal families don't fight or i will get diarrhea love you 

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