Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Written March 10, 2014

chile relleno of cheese which was awesome! 

sometiems you don't show up in the selfie you take, haha


Josh, Celia says she did really appreciate that wood splitting and yeah, a return missionary pointed it out and no one was around so I took a picture.

Thanks for the picture of Mikey's baby. it is just like all babies, which is cute and impossible to tell what it will look like. 

Mom, all the food is good. The weather seems hot and more humid, but not super humid. I can't believe Ben did the blood type kit and can't stand the drawing, but it is true that you can feel it pulling through your vessels, and the pressure throughout your arm. I might transfer next monday or get a different companion, but I have no idea, things might stay exactly the same.

Lindsay, I did receive your e-mail, so they aren't censoring anything. But we will see. I do imagine the cartoon germ thing, but I wash my hands more before I eat and I think I am healthier for that. I think that you should help the missionaries in any little way you can, but most important is to do visits with them because God sees the dumb little things we do to try and help others and I want us all to go to heaven together, but yeah, even i have money as a missionary to buy my own carrots, but alcoholics spend all their money on beer, so maybe they don't. 

Aunt Celia, I removed you from the list because I was tired of receiving emails that said your box was full. So just keep up on that and I will keep sending you everything, of course. Also, yes, exactly, force everyone to turn the cabin into a mansion, it is what they should do if they use it, and that way it will be ready for when I get back.

Dad, your foot story sounds like you're a missionary, because our feet are terrible. Thanks for working so hard for the priesthood line. It isn't that important to me anymore as a missionary, but it is interesting as a person, so thank you a lot. Don't worry about the back thing, I am going to start being a lot more crazy. 

Love you ben, too, and everyone else

The story is that we went to her house and she was talking about spirits which isn't that uncommon and then her kids started saying she was a white witch that helps the spirits and I shared helaman 5;12 and said that no matter what, if we build on Christ, we don't have to worry about spirits or anything like that and I asked them how we could build on Christ and why it was important to go to church and stuff like that and it was great, but then my companion shared the parable of the talents and said she should develop her white witch talents to help people (even though she doesn't want to, and says it scares her to invite the spirits and make luck potions and things like that) anyways, I just hope she doesn't keep inviting them and stuff. I am going to learn to say more, like the spirit is probably telling you not to develop that talent. But, either way, I am going to develop my talent for ponsy schemes.

I ran out of time last week and had to ask for more so I could send the email.

My president told me faith, work and exact obedience are the keys for miracles, but I don't believe in exact obedience, because then we would not need the atonement anymore. But it makes me feel a little bad, like I am inadequate, but more about that later on when my week improved. 

Sometimes at night when it is colder, I can see my breath, but it is getting hotter here and my sheets are always sweaty.

I realized I had slight trench foot from not drying where my pinky toe curls weirdly. But don't worry I got a prescription from the doctor.

My companion is good to me when I feel depressed and bad and cry during companionship study, so I can't fault him for too much.

I got a letter from Josh and from Grandma and Grandpa this week, which was awesome. Maybe I will ask an american how to send stuff to there.

Josh: I was also shocked about the skittles thing with green apple because I first noticed in Mexico and then I asked someone and they said it was always that way (fool). 

I also got your package, Mom, Wednesday and you utilize volume much better than other moms. I really loved all of the memories you wrote and all your letters and emails from everyone. Mom, it seemed like you listened to every candy I have ever mentioned and sent them to me. Mint oreos are good because you can't get them here. But send me less packages, because I can't afford to eat so much candy, and, like a cat, I have no self control. I am going to slow down and should be good for 5 months or something. Thanks a ton though! Also, good for shoe polish for quite a while. 

Gospel l principles has a list of like 15 things we have to do to reach exaltation, so read them so that you can improve in the ones you're weak in because I never want to be separated for the eternities (like Grandma's bread with the knife). I will also keep working.

Being a missionary is sometimes hard because you are expected to carry out somewhat inspired or perfect plans, being an imperfect person and a lot of it falls to you. I have glimpsed what it must be like being a bishop in that respect, on a small scale (except less responsibility and no job or family). All we can do is try though.

Those hot tamales remind me of mom and vacations where we would each get a bag of hot tamales (but not the hot tamales they have here of which chicken salsa verde is the best) and Lemonheads (thanks grandma/pa) and werthers remind me of dad. 

i was imagining that I can probably do terrestrial kingdom at the least and then I remembered that saying of "Shoot for the moon and at the very least you'll land among the stars"and I hope it isn't referring to the kingdoms of glory. But really I am going to go to the celestial and all of you too, so we can be together.

We ate little Caesars pizza twice this week, once we bought it and once someone bought it for us in addition to our meal (the guy in the picture that isn't a missionary). it is actually pretty good here because they don't rob you on the sauce. 

We had exchanges which were awesome and improved my week. I will return here if i have more time. I went with a zone leader that I had'nt gone with before and he lived in Colorado for awhile but is from Chihuahua and probably speaks English better than me. Anyways, he is really awesome and charitable and so I am trying to be more like him in that way, (in a step to the Salvador, the Savior) and i realized that forcing charity on your companion helps you to love them more and is like a game kind of to look for opportunities. He also said that he was feeling really inadequate and that the president's wife told him it makes God sad when we don't appreciate the gifts he has given us and I just really appreciated his sincerity. I am trying to be more like that.

Also, i am obeying the visiting single women rule and am so much happier. love you bye

I ate miso soup from a half-chinese family, so go figure.

I had some old shoes I found in the apartment that i wore when it rained really hard and I noticed that they were completely covered in mold the other day on the outside too, so I threw them away, but it was really gross.

Our presidente told a bunch of single adults at a convention that when they want to get married the girl is going to ask to see their tithing slip, but I am not fool, I know that is just a trick to see how much money you make. 

If you have question bold it (good job mom you are the most consistent in that way)

Love you family, love you eternal family, don't give me diarrhea. I love and miss you and will talk to you soon.

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