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Written January 27, 2014


 I have half an hour remaining to write. I hope that you got those pictures I sent. I would take more, but it would be easier if my companion took any. Mostly we just use them for activities and the such. I usually forget I have a camera.

I don't care about the girls, but good to know that you are going to dances Ben. Also, Josh and Ben, now I think that Ben is the one pretending to watch adventure time, because josh sends me the important stuff about cool weapons and who's with who and stuff. 

Really, thanks for all of the letters from everyone (Jess, Josh, Dad, Mom this week) Also the pictures are fun too.

Ben, you can take AP biology, it is an either or thing for the prerequisites and I did neither. Anatomy and genetics and stuff you basically cover in AP bio and it will only inspire you if you like drawing dead ferrets and hearts and stuff. But you could check out an anatomy textbook maybe.

I might do that thing with the oatmeal, but I can only buy bananas once a week, so we will see. Sounds good though. 

Gram and Gramps are fine, but it makes dad seem really old, and kind of sounds disrespectful, like hey, old man. Those gigi and mema and stuff like that are for high maintenance pain in the butt old women, I think. You could do abuelito y abuelita, like they do here. Since we have hispanic ancestry.

Days aren't longer nearer the equator, they are just more consistent. So they are longer in winter and shorter in summer. But the days aren't very long here. I am practically in Colorado. Except different

I don't need more food money, just to spend more of the money I have. Because I eat mostly to satisfy boredom and I don't spend very much money, I run out of cereal and stuff quickly. 

This week:
I ate a pepper that looks like a Christmas light. It was pretty hot and lasting the spiciness, but not as bad as everyone acted. 

Happy Birthday Dad!

Mom, you beat me to the fraction of 1/8. Really I will be home in 21 months from yesterday, but won't be 1/8 until sometime between the 6th of Feb and today. I'm sure it will go fast and really really slow at the same time. We will see.

My companion said that he has out of body experiences if he lets his mind go blank and relaxes too much at night and that a dark shape pulls him out of his body and it hurts to go back. Good thing I am so high strung and clench my teeth really hard the entire night, so it won't happen to me. Who knew that grinding saved you from the separation of body and spirit, AKA death?

I tried pork rinds, so... that was gross.

Also, the bakeries here are awesome. I hope that there is one in Colorado, not the kind in a grocery store though. Those are bum.

I got the package with the puffed rice balls and garments and baby announcement and handkerchiefs (and so thanks a lot! The puffed rice balls are great and also all the healthy food. It was probably really expensive and I have vitamins and will be more proactive about buying vegetables so you can just send me candy or cookies or whatever in the next one. I have already eaten some stuff. Hopefully it lasts, because I am a pig (also a pizza face out here now). 

You fooled me well with the puffed rice balls. I was like, 4 puffed rice balls, I have to guard these and only eat them when I really miss home (because they are a perfect symbol of home for me). But then there were more, so thanks! 

You also ended my sweets drought with that package. So thanks! I bought some cookies from the grocery store, but they turned out to be more like cinnamon graham crackers, so next time I am going to buy the mexican knock off oreos. In the next package (presumabley my birthday) please send yourselves. 

I will get the backpack eventually, it is at the zone leaders house for some reason. 

I bought carrots and zucchini and banana and guyaba and 15 eggs for less than $6, which is great, but I decided I don't like zucchini without some kind of sauce very much. 

Everyone here is a Jehova's witness it seems like. Like maybe more than catholic. I read some of their pamphlets, which my companion told me to hide at an activity (but it really isn't fair to ask them to read ours and then not read theirs) so our leaders didn't see and they are kind of dumb. Like they act like suffering happens because satan is in charge of the earth and he is in charge because god is trying to prove that we need him. I think all suffering has an actual purpose though. Also, my companion thinks you can change their minds about jehovah being christ by showing them scriptures, but I don't think it will work because they don't pay attention and then show us scriptures that don't prove anything about the nature of the godhead.

I don't have any personal keys, but I like that bottle opener key chain even if it weren't practical, so I put it on my English scriptures, which stay at home, in case I ever want a root beer while reading.

We have practically one member lesson a day, sometimes mores. Frequently is because they live there. 
How did you choose your 15 words everyday, Josh?
Also, did you count literally everything as an other lesson to invesitgators, like making an appointment with a member?

The ringing in my ears only happens when I have ear plugs in, from the echo or something. Don't worry.

Vomiting and diarrhea makes me especially want to come home, but I went to our member of ward/doctor/neighbor and he gave me ciprobac (ciprofloxacino). So hopefully that won't kill me. I only took 1000 mg in total. And I only vomited once. But they told us to make a salt/sugar/baking soda drink if we have diarrhea, so  i will buy the stuff for that.

turns out guyaba is really just guava. It is good, but I'm sick of it right now. They make lemonade type drinks with everything here. The guyaba kind is good. Haven't tried any new fruits yet.

Again, I think puffed rice balls should be on our family crest.

I ate some eggs with cracks in them, and I am fine (I actually make too many questionable food decisions) and decided they're fine as long as the membrane isn't broken and they smell fine. Who knows?

My companion said that squirt must have caffeine in it because you want another sip as soon as you have had some. and he said that obviously they aren't going to write it on the bottle. But it doesn't have it and that isn't the way caffeine is addictive. also, he tries to teach a lot of questionable word of wisdom stuff, like red bull. But whatever, I try to correct him, but not too much (we don't really have any investigators right now anyways. But he still teaches the 3/4 of the host of heaven thing. Caramba!, we don't actually say that)...

I think the re-fried beans are thinner at restaurants because they're from scratch with boiled beans that they mash like potatoes and boil all day. I was mostly just guessing for that recipe I sent you. Probably milk and not water would be better. Also, the sour cream here is more like just cream almost.

Oh, also food is at least as healthy here as at the mtc if I take the initiative and buy those vegetables. And I have my vitamins, so hopefully I'll be fine.

Things they have here: Little Caesar's Pizza, 40-75 cent donut/sweet bread if we go out of our area, more choices of mayonnaise than cereal, returnable soda bottles (you have to put a deposit).

I walk a  lot slower than my companion and when my shins burn and I get left behind a little bit, I want to go home. But it is fine.

Turns out that it is doctrine that the devil can't appear as a dove (see Bible Dict. : Dove). My companion was right.

The water is going to be shut off in the town we live in for like a week starting Wednesday.  We will see how that goes. 

I gave a talk that used most of the time. Hopefully it made sense and didn't ramble. 

I love you all a lot and can't wait to see you soon. And everyone can absolutely still call me Kaden, so that I don't forget my name. (no one even knows my name here, though, Powell that is).

Love love, eternal family, (gayness....just to respond to Josh for once)...eternal family.


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