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Written February 10, 2014

THANKS for the letters everyone. I think I got more letters this week than any other week. So thanks, lindsay, mom, dad, aunt trudy, jessica, josh and ben

Whenever I express any sentiment like that I am afraid to die or anything, my companion acts like I don't have any faith. I was going to try to talk only good about him, because he's not bad at all, but I am a failure at that. But, for that reason, I am sad about Aunt JoLyn, but I don't want to more than tear up in front of my companion, especially since I cry during personal study (with my back to him) at least once a week, because I miss you guys or because I am a bad missionary (I know what you guys meant now when you said you were bad missionaries, but I think I'm probably worse). I think I am also probably hard to have as a companion because I don't talk.

That picture you sent me dad is of our house. To the right. We live there with like 5 other families. Also, probably not a maid or mother in law house. Probably a family of 6 lives there. But yup, that's the ward.

Turns out the flavored water has aspartame, not sugar. So that is a relief for my diabetes, except that aspartame is chemically similar to formaldehyde, which is bad in other ways. If it is homemade though, it is good. Like lemonade with other fruits, or with oats and cinnamon, I will make you some when I get home.

I bought some whole wheat tortillas, or allegedly so, but I threw the rest away because they were a lot of calories and didn't have any dietary fiber and I think they were a lie, even though they came from the supermarket. 

The peanut marzipan that is more expensive is a lot better, but it has sucralose instead of sugar for some reason. I am more fine with that.

The doctors wife told me it was unhealthy to microwave my food, especially vegetables and that it would give me cancer and remove any vitamins. But I don't have time to boil vegetables here, even though my companion acts like I do. And he said it is up to me if I get sick, but I think nowadays, they say everything gives you cancer, and I think it might be inevitable in this age. And acted like he never uses the microwave. She said I should eat them raw, but I prefer not very nutritious to e. coli from not nuking them. Does it really do anything? Scientifically, I think not.

There are also knock-off oreos that suck and taste like cake.

I bought a pound of green beans for less than 50 cents, but I think I will have to throw some of them away.

I am hoarding more food than money now, but maybe will return to the other. We will see.

At the testimony meeting there were two themes: I don't have any doubt at all about this according to a lot of people and the missionaries are angels of flesh and bones according to two people.

My companion is good in that he always lets me try his food and is generous with beggars.

i heard I can buy lychee fruit here in the correct season and some other weird fruits, but sometimes they can be expensive. I hope the lychee isn't and that I can buy kilos of it.

There is a rule that we should never be alone with women or girls unless there is also a 18 year old or older male present, which seems like a really important rule, but I have been alone with my companion with 16 year old girls and I don't know if we can keep this rule really. We wouldn't be able to keep hardly any meal appointments or visit any members and barely any investigators, not that we hardly have any. But I feel badly about breaking it, especially since the president sent an email specifically about it. Obviously, I would leave if something crazy started to happen, but I just don't know.  Did you keep this rule, Josh? Or does everyone just break it?

You can buy pre-toasted bread here, which is just stale and gross seeming.

The good sugar is cheap

Is it against the rules to wear like 10 pairs of garments?

Yeah, dad, I don't think that drink cures diarrhea, but is more like homemade gatorade.

There is scriptural evidence that 72 is the perfect age to die in 3 Nephi 28:2-3.

Those garments are fine, |Josh, I don't know if they stretched out or if I just got used to them, maybe some of each.

I am never going to learn Spanish, because we study language maybe 30 minutes every week. And it isn't very productive and there will be less when my training is over. Also, this isn't really Spanish anyways (example Spanish lima is lime and limon is lemon;in mexican lima is lemon and limon is lime). 

They have pickled carrots and jalapenos here which are good on sandwiches.

Here's a recipe, thin thin cut steak in pieces, onion, tomato, mushroom and a little chick bouillon stir fried and then corn tortillas.

Also, you can use lime juice in place of anywhere you would use salad dressing, like it is good with cucumbers salt and lime juice.

I don't know what is against the word of wisdom with regards to tea, so hopefully I am still on the straight and narrow. Especially since they call any hot drink here tea. Like is green tea the same thing as black tea or chinese tea, because that is what my companion teaches is against the chamomile alright?

He also teaches the word of wisdom in a way that I can't tell him it is wrong, but that gives people the impression that is optional. Like saying that is isn't obligatory (to less actives) and that you don't have to obey it to be a member of the church....but it really is kind of, if you want to be in good standing.

He also said that the bad church is the catholic church because it is the only one that fits the description given after I taught that it wasn't any specific church, just evil people. But I don't know how the catholic church and our church fit the description of that everyone belongs to the evil one or the bad one. Where do jehovah's witnesses and others fit in?

A sister was telling us that in her mission the president made a rule after sending home a bad missionary that if you couldn't baptize one measly soul every month, he didn't know why you were on a mission and  you got sent home and 70 missionaries got sent home. So that might happen to me. because I am a really terrible missionary and I never talk and make visits to teenage girls and old women without their spouses and I am not very spiritual and I have made less than 5 contacts my entire mission so far and I don't know how to talk to people and they point it out and I just feel like I am wasting my time (kind of) and depressed, but I don't know what else to do. But I don't think I am really helping people Also, I am antisocial and for that reason it is hard to be my companion, i think, or to coexist with the other missionaries at the conferences and I just stand alone mostly. But dad, you don't have to worry about people not being baptized, because we have hardly any investigatores...

Freeze dried peas are a good snack, you should put some of them in the kitchen, unless they're too expensive.

Sometimes I pretend I am in Japan at night, in the canyon streets or on the mountain, because unlike Mexico, Japan hasn't lost its exotic appeal. Also, if there is music playing in the street, like I am in a movie montage. And that the next scene will be months later.

I love you guys though and miss you a lot. Don't worry about me, because I will be fine and if  the new mission president in July is crazy, I will be home before you know it. 

Love you and eternal family


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