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Written February 3, 2014

Thanks everyone for the letters (I am no longer listing names because I accidentally left ben off of one and I don't want to offend anyone).

Auntie, the milk here is either like before in mexico or like in the us. the cheaper milk is 25 or 50% vegetable oil and I think the stuff you don't have to refrigerate is rehydrated first. The milk from costco is way better. I had real whole milk at a members house and it was so amazingly better.

I am spending my money a little bit more, so I need food in my packages less. So don't worry about sending candy every week and stuff. I can buy a package of giros (the knock-off, Mexican, but more expensive and also better version of oreos) for like 20 pesos with 24 cookies and I still have money that I saved from previous weeks, even though you aren't supposed to, but I don't really know what to do with it. Maybe I will buy like 50 donuts from a bakery and candy and I think I might start buying fresh milk and frozen vegetables.

Also, yes, it has been really cold here. But soon it will be hot and ensenadad is humid with salt water showers, so I am not going to complain. Also, a sister is washing my sheets for me this week, so not too bad.

I pray for JoLyn and Aaron every time I say a personal prayer and fasted for them along with that I would be happy and talk more. I never know if fasting for too many things spreads the power of your fast out and weakens its effectiveness, but I do it anyway. Like upgrading your armor and weapon vs. just your weapon, if you know what I mean. But aunt joLyn is in my prayers, and you guys all too. (Just not always as specifically)

Ben, your letter was really funny. Your drawings seem a million times more professional to me. Also, I feel like you are now the cool one in the family and know all this hipster stuff, like pastel soft grunge spock, I only know what those mean separately....anyways, love you....

Thanks, dad for all of the pictures! Kenzie and snow are great things to get in the mail.

Still haven't gotten the backpack yet. Sometime this month.

AT first I though the used garment thing was a joke, haha, but it's not...
No, I don't care. Also, I am never going to be good at Spanish, because I don't dedicate nearly enough time or effort to it like you. I am pretty discouraged about it, but don't really know what to do. It is overwhelming and I don'treally like talking to my companion, because he never gets my jokes. it is frustrating, because I can talk very very generally about a couple of subjects, like food and family and church and that is it...

Probably the internet knows best how to make those refried beans, but I am trying to figure it out. CBB right now as a missionary though...haha

Someone said the girl was going to america and josh said Armenia..But really, what is the difference?

Happy Birthday, Jessica! Also, Ben and Josh this month. Sorry that I am not going to remember everyone's birthdays.

My week:
i tried a food called coloradito (like colorado, so it's like me) made with chiles and beef and I drank also atole, but not of chocolate, but of guava. Atole can be good and gross, because it is cream of wheat or corn that you can drink. Generally, I like it though.

You guys can see my misison in google maps if you want. Including my house. Try searching things like Canon Johnson Norte, indenpendencia, Tijuana, to cnaon johnson sur and east of that, more of less, is my ward. My house is on the dead end street that ends west of Benitez Razon. Also, pueblos or towns of hidalgo, progreso, morelos, rancho la cima, and mexico. Ex.: hidalgo, tijuana, mexico

I am learning all the names of the chiles here. Chipotle is really good and tastes like expensive barbecue sauce, but is too spicy with the seeds.
And others not worth menitiong.

My toes are ingrown, but not really. the side of the nail on my big toes, cut the skin some, but I think it isn't bad like an ingrown. I just try to avoid any walking or motion that hurts it, but I think it will be fine. I can't cut it differently though becasue it is theside part. Also, I was biting my cheek a bnuch and it bled. But it is better now. So don't worry.

Sometimes my companion really bugs me. But he is not bad. Like he will lecture me sometimes about how I need to get off the bus if he is going to pay instead of standing in the way and other stuff, but maybe that is how his parents taught him and so he teaches that way too. You guys never really lectured me though, so it kind of makes me angry. i just try to remember that he is probably trying to help. 

He also said it is not his job to take care of me, but actually it is. That's why we have companionships, but whatever. 

I think part of the reason he sometimes seems harsh to me might be the culture of Mexico or mexico city. In that he says things a lot more direct than I would. Like when the water turned off I brought our bucket into the bathroom and he said ""Why do you have water? We still have water!"? But I would've said something more like ""I think we still have water, but I am not sure, you can check if you want." Even if I knew there was water. Whatever though. 

Pre-destination is bad because it implies that people can't change which denies the need for the Savior and the Atonement. I learned that by experience with a crazy person while they were rambling about how we are either evil or good.

The ice cream here tastes like pudding, so although I have the money to buy some, I don't want to risk it. The ice cream there is much better. They also have american ketchup here, but this other kind as well that tastes like they read the ingredients and tried to make homemade ketchup. Really syrupy and vinegary, but not horrible.

We didn't have water but for 48 hours. intially they said a week, then 36 hours then 48. My companion said 36 hours was like 3 days. He is a little fried sometimes I think, and sometimes stubborn, haha. We didn't keep enough water, so i had the idea of peeing in the tank and then when we pooped we could flush it with the pee, but I don't think he knew I was serious. It was fine though and we have water again. I was most concerned about getting something from the food though, but we were fine. 

He told me a story about how some missionaries rubbed another missionary's pillowcase on the butts including him and it smelled awful and for that reason I need to be more friendly, but those missionaries are pieces of crap.

I'm runnign out of time, so eternal family eternal family. I don't skim letters, just read fast. love you 

i'm never going to write paper letters because I don't know how the post office works here and my companion isn't patient with explanations. 

Did you know cilantro and coriander are the same plant?

There is less control over food here so I have eaten: mSG (headaches right?), nitrates (headaches and heart attacks?) and lead (in tamarind, which isn't even good anyways).

That doctor's family told us pee would cure our zits, but i am more concerned about the social consequences of peeing on my face every night and morning before showering.

I have a weird tan from my shirt collar already, even though I use sunscreen.

My companion bought two trays of strawberries for $2 and let me eat one, so that was really nice. He's probably more good than I say.

Pineapples cost like a dollar here. If I had more time, I woud definitely buy one.

The sobre ruedas or collapsable markets on wheels are better on saturdays, but we can only go on mondays. They have shoes and fruit and N64 and NES games and food and meat and dry goods and stands that just sell american brands, which is funny. 

So I realized to get to the celestial kindgom we just have to do the principles and ordinances of the gopsel and the endure to the end is the most important, and everyone says it is hard (which it is) but we don't have a problem with the first 4 and justl ike shamppoo the last step is rinse and repeat as desired, so we can do it.

You guys should find the church book  '3 simple ways to have a happier family' and do one section every week as family home evening and set a goal to improve that section each week. Because when we're grown you won't be able to change how our relationships were (speaking from a sister in our ward) and ben is still home. So it is worth the effort. And then you will be a lot closer I think, even though we are all fine, but you can always improve.

Also, sorry for when I was a jerk to you Ben and Mom and others sometimes really cruel. That was messed up.

My companion told me I need to be more humble because I used those inserts in a pair of garbage shoes in the apartment when it rained so my nice shoes wouldn't get ruined by the water. But I have never heard a story about pride where the prideful character took care of the little that they had and were thrifty and wore wrecked shoes. More it would be to think I can always buy nice shoes.

My president told me to pray to have my tongue loosened. I will try

The cake is 1000 sheet, not one thousand layers, I hope to try it tonight. (at missionary party return)

I only have a  minute
 left. So love you . love you. Ben you can call me kaden

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