Friday, April 4, 2014

Written: Monday March 31, 2014

Hi Family,

Aunt Celia,
My mom said she wanted kids for every corner of the house, funny that they both are suckers for kids (us hha). I also want to have impressions, but maybe we have enough common sense that we don't need them as much or rather that they more often come as common sense. 

Dad, my companion only watched the church videos during his free time and sometimes during study time, so I think they don't care. The two missionaires didn't go home, but to Texas and Washington on missions.

Mom, I already asked and April's Fools day doesn't exist here, what a shame. The language is going okay. I asked a native spanish speakder how he removed his accent and he just told me hard work and didn't tell me how he learned english so well. I am trying to learn 10 new words a day (but I only get in about 3 days a week) but things are okay. I am proficient (semi-fluent I guess). Some pictures you sent worked better. The videos don't work, don't send anymore please. Pictures are great though. I don't remember how many detective agency books we read when I was younger, but that I felt embarrassed (embarazada????) when I was reading morality for beautiful girls and everyone was asking me about it. I am super excited about the lupine seed thing. It makes me want to come home and plant it everywhere.

Ben, your letter made me laugh a lot, like how you are at risk of every personality disorder and blow alien abortions out your nose. That does seem like a lot more blood than I had though. Your drawings look really good as always.

Josh, I hope that happens with the people in my area. But really we have terrible numbers, which I am learning from my companions to not care about. It is hard because a lot of our investigators are going nowhere and we have to leave them again, so basically we'll have no one, but that just makes it more important that we hassle everyone for references.

A less active told me she hadn't done anything bad (when I asked her what she was doing to deserve the celestial kingdom) and I said that maybe she was preparing for the terrestrial kingdom based on what she said, but it came out a lot harsher than I meant...haha. My new companion is teaching 'em that better is if you ask a question like "'Oh and that is all it takes? Great!"' 

My old new companion got changed to Mexicali because he had hurt knees and even for me all the hills and stairs here are really hard on the knees. I like him more though after he bought me pizza and after he said that a puppy that was following us suddenly disappeared was Jesus (which is bad kind of, but that is how people are here).

The bishop, his family and my old new companion

The bishop, Old New Companion, Myself
My new new companion is Elder Solorzano, he is from San Diego and his parents are from Mexicali, but he doesn't speak Spanish except like me as a second language. I make the comparison that I think my grammar is better, but it doesn't matter because when I go back, my spanish is going to deteriorate and because of his family, his is going to improve and improve.

Did you know Spanish Isaiah has footnotes that help explain a lot of the symbolism and historical context?

This is called stone bread, I liked it a lot, but it is really dense
My companion told me about an investigator that was about to get baptized (which he visited during exchanges once) they asked why we have the book of mormon? and he said, "God gave it to us so that when we get bored of reading the Bible, we can read another book" which we both agreed was true. 

I think that my barbecue sauce has been missing valentina chile sauce, so i am going to buy some and try again with my barbecue sauce when I get home. 

My New Companion and I.  We split a piece of bread that had white and brown frosting and he took the brown half because he is brown, but we took the picture to demonstrate that it is the same bread....

Also, everyone here is more racist than I knew. Like half the people ask my companion if he is from south america (because of his accent, which might be a little different from mine, but I think they just look at his nametag and our faces). Also, people ask him if he lives so close to the border, why doesn't he know spanish better? (He always asks them if they know english then, living so close to the border themselves, and then they are sufficiently grilled). 

I like my new companion a lot, because he is normal and has a decent sense of humor (that makes the members laugh at their own expense, haha). Also, he uses a normal amount of toilet paper and is fine in othe ways. Something about him being american though gives me social anxiety, like that I got paired with someone who was more popular than me for a school project (it is the exact inadequacy that I felt back then). 

I think for the rest of my mission I am going to fluctuate in between not obeying the rules that are inconvenient and not serious, and being hyper vigilant about the rules; I don't really know which is right (or maybe I am just rationalizing.)

I have been thinking about my testimony, because I don't know how to tesify about the promise of Moroni, if I have never felt the answer right when I prayed or after that much, but I always feel guilty when I pray to receive those feelings, like I already know the answer and so why am I asking when I pray about the Book of Mormon. Also, my companion asked if I felt like my faith has increased since I came here or my testimony, and I don't feel like it has really. But I think maybe I have a lot of faith if I have a conviction to follow the gospel if I am unsure if I have received a witness of the gospel (or noticed it maybe). Because faith is works really, and I have a decent amount of works or desires that are good. Also, I think it is important to not discount the intellectual type of witness that I have received that it makes sense, because maybe there are people that are searching that type of witness or have felt and not recognized that type of witness, but it is really hard.

Anyways, I am happy and I love you guys and eternal family,

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