Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Written April 7, 2014


Grandma, I am glad that you are getting these messages, but also maybe you should just abandon this email address, because I have a lot of annoying failed email messages. I'm glad that you got to spend time with all the family.

Auntie Trudy, there are pianos here, but I can only remember how to play one song and the hymns, so I will have to re-learn when I get back.

It being warmer is alright, I am just afraid it is going to get hot. Thanks for the prayers, mom, but it is still going slow. It is fine though; I realize sometimes I am going to have a hard time finding people and re-activating and retaining people and sometimes it will be all three, like here.

This week:

There's a verse in 2 nephi:28 that says 'wo unto those who say all is well' and also a hymn about the pioneers that says all is well (bringing the question to mind, did they really die with their faces towards Zion?).

I have a funny story that is we went to a woman's house that we contacted (the house that is; why does my english suck?) and she told us she was a little busy but told us to come in and we sat down with the member we brought and then she told us she had something she really wanted us to listen to, and I started to smile a ton, because my favorite thing is when people try to convert the missionaires in a really friendly funny way like that. Anyways, she belongs to some (not) religion because religions are made by man and it's just an organization and all of us are going to spiritualize. But we ended up not listening to her cassette. I also realized why memorized prayers are bad because she did one (and in addition to not having the feeling or being sincere sometimes) they are kind of exclusive, like only people that know this complicated chant can communicate with God, and that is not right.

There is this cheese here which i really like called oaxaca cheese and I finally bought some and was making quesadillas with it and I realized that it is just string cheese.

I learned why Americans going to Mexico go to Utah for the mtc now and it is because if we were in Mexico a little bit longer, we would have to renew our visas 3 times instead of 2. 

I tried nopal, which is cactus thing, and it is just a slimy sour vegetable (like green beans with lemon juice) that is neither good nor bad.

We also bought tacos today and I had one with carne asada and one that was adobada (I don't know the difference between that and al pastor). They were both pretty good, but it might be because we went to one of the more expensive taco stands.

I think I have a lot of self-worth problems and so I just try to remind myself how much I am worth in the black market slave trade or just how much profit I would gain for my company in a factory for my entire life.

We had a lot of technical problems with the conference in our capilla, and lots of people finally ended up leaving on Saturday, so my companion and I watched it in English in the church alone on Saturday and during the second session a member brought us chinese food for our lunch and a liter of soda and flan and desserts (all store bought of course) and we ate them while we finished it with little tables they have. Then we taught like 6 teenagers who have been playing soccer in the church and then watched the priesthood session. So that day was actually really suave. 

On Sunday, we watched the first session in english with the spanish in the other room (because there was no space) and finally for the last session they got it to work in the chapel and we watched it in there is spanish, but I didn't get very much out of it because even though I could understand most of the stuff besides weird vocabulary, it took too much concentration to focus on it and I just spent most of the time whispering to myself trying to imitate their accents. I was surprised that Boyd K. Packer isn't easier to understand with his spanish translator, but they are about as hard to understand. I probably missed 3 or 4 talks in total.

Most of the quotes I wrote down are just stupid out of context or something I am going to use if the mission president or zone leaders or his wife criticize that our apartment is dirty sometime: "It doesn't matter if the house is a mess." from the one talk about what is really important. Or "You are infinitely more important than a tree." (or a rock or some dirt, I would add).

I feel kind of bad when we ask the members to do stuff for us, like our laundry, but maybe it is alright to take advantage of what they are willing to do. Just make sure and be cool with the missionaries at your house.

I was talking to a sister missionary (who is from Mexico but spent 10 years in Georgia) trying to pin point how I could improve my accent, and she told me a lot of English grammar rules, which is funny that we know grammar rules better in our opposite languages. But she said we use the throat a lot more in English than in Spanish, so I am going to work on not doing that as much, but I don't have very much talent for removing my accent because ti is supposed to be easier when you have a talent for singing and my companion was laughing really hard at my singing until later I told him that I wasn't just a chamaco fooling around. (chamaco is our favorite word right now along with some funny things people say like "don't stain'  for no way).

I like my companion a lot though, and think about how I am in the mission, and how it will affect my marriage someday, a lot and maybe worry about the same things. Like if they like me and how I can serve them more and how to help them and learn more about them and appreciate them. I try to serve my companion a lot though so hopefully that will help me.

My knee hurts sometimes, but I heard that leg lift exercise helps knee pain. Is that true? What can I use to provide some resistance or should I just do it without weights?

I was happy this week (until we entered a social situation this morning) but I am overall happy and don't want to be elsewhere right now and like my companion (even though everyone is racist and speaks English to me and spanish to him). I said he should tell his family a bunch of racist out of context comments I made but then gradually them more of the truth so that it sounds like I have improved a lot...haha

l love you eternal family, thanks for trying not to give me diarrhea.

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